What to write on the very first post..

Running became my thing this year.

Oh, I’ve run since I was a teenager, on and off, to lose weight or keep in shape.  But this year it was different.  I didn’t need to lose any weight and I was in good enough shape.  But going out for a run gave me energy and made me happy and I wanted to improve.  So I searched online for training logs and running tips, read running blogs, started speed training and upping my mileage, and discovered that running is a great addition to my life.

This is me running my 2nd race ever, and my very first half marathon:

My first half marathon
My first half marathon

I’m 36, married, have two kids, and work full time.  Oh and I have a house full of chores that don’t get done on their own.  So I work out early in the morning when everyone is still sleeping, that’s my free time.

I don’t, can’t, leave the house without my morning coffee.  2 cups with milk and molasses for sweetening.  I am a bit of a health nut, just because I care about my body, about living my best possible life.  No diets, no chemicals, no losing weight, not trying to look better.  But taking care of myself to live a long full life, and enjoy it as I go, you bet.


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