Looking Forward to Rest Day

After Friday’s long run I should have taken it easy on Saturday, but I didn’t .


I usually go to Spinning class on Saturday at 09:00 AM, but am at the gym by 08:00, when it opens, to do a light run on the treadmill or some strength.

This Saturday was a bit different, I found myself awake at around 05:00, I guess my body is used to this from midweek early runs.  Drank two big hot cups of coffee in the almost dark (except for the kitchen light and computer screen), and had a homemade granola bar, my usual breakfast.


My best friends at 5:00 AM, computer and coffee.

I went for a short run outside at about 07:00, it was supposed to be a short tempo run, 15 minutes warm up and another 25 minutes at 04:48 min/km (07:43 min/mile), but those 25 minutes ended up being 04:39 min/km (07:29 min/mile).  I know that may not seem like too much of a difference to some… but it felt like quite a difference to me, especially on tired legs.  Not sure why it happened, I guess the breeze, and the cold, and the music, are to blame.  See what I mean when I say a GPS watch would help me pace myself better?  Truth is I enjoy running as fast as I can manage, but I know not every run is supposed to be fast, and I do try to keep balance.  20% fast running / 80% regular/slow running, on a weekly average.

80 Bad

I sat in my car for a few minutes after the run, waiting for the gym to open, drinking grape flavored NUUN (NOT my favorite flavor at all), and when the gym opened I did about 45 minutes of strength training and an hour of spin class.  Yes, I was beat when it was over.

 This picture is from a couple months ago, but that's me with the white/grey top.

This picture is from a couple months ago, but that’s me with the white/grey top.

So for the first time in quite a while I was looking forward to my Sunday rest day.  Do whatever, but go easy on my L-E-G-S!

sitting birds

I take two rest days a week from running but one of those days I swim for 75 minutes so only one true rest day a week.

How many rest days do you take?  Do you avoid doing anything strenuous on those days?


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