Race Recap – Holon Run 10K

I live in Holon, Israel, so it was only fitting that my first race was in my own city.  Once a year the city organizes this race around the months of October or November, and this year it was on November 22nd and organized by a charity organization.


I was extremely nervous before the race.  I tried to take it easy and think of it as just one more run (I’ve done so many on those same streets), especially the days coming up to the race.

But I found myself constantly thinking of what I would eat, how I would organize myself (what to take with me, what to wear, when to wake up, etc.), and what time would I run… had no idea how running with so many people around me could affect me.



On training runs I usually do 10K around the 48:00-50:00 minute range, so I was hoping for at least that time, but I was afraid the crowds and turns would slow me down… or on the contrary, the energy and an ‘extra’ race effort could put me at a better time than that.. no way of knowing.  But hey, your first race is only once.

The race started at 08:00 AM, meeting time was from 06:30.  I figured I’d get there early, to get a good parking spot, go to the bathroom, warm up, whatever.

 I still look pretty happy here...

I still look pretty happy here…

I wore Brooks Pure Cadence 2 purple shoes, compression socks, longish running short tights, and an Athleta top.  Nike running glasses that have seen better times.   Need new ones, add that to my list.

 No clue what happened to that right lens.. sun damage?

No clue what happened to that right lens.. sun damage?

20 minutes before start time I went for a 5 minute walk and 10 minute run, my usual warm up, and got in line for start with about 5 minutes to spare.  Not bad, I didn’t want to stand there for too long but also didn’t want to risk being rushed, 5 minutes was perfect.  Ate a GU gel, stood around, and off we went.

 I'm there.. somewhere...

I’m there.. somewhere…

Well… who told me a common rookie mistake was to go out way too fast?  Oh yeah, everyone told me that.  So I guess I shouldn’t beat myself up for having done just that… first 2 KM were at 04:15 min/km (06:51 min/mile), I don’t think I ever even run that fast in my life, no training runs, no running away from a wild bear or a scary person, nothing.  I was on fire!  And then I was baked, about half way.  It wasn’t pretty.  Thought of quitting, but of course I kept going.

Finish line: not much left in the tank
Finish line: not much left in the tank

Finish time 46:03.

Average Pace 04:36 min/km (07:24 min/mile).

14/317 women, 10/178 category, 240/1397 overall.

(5K time was 21:58, see what I mean?  Oh well, there’s always next time).

Bottom line, I loved the experience.  Can’t wait for more races.


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