Running to Catch a Plane

Today was an easy run, 9.7 KM / 6 Miles in 52:49, average pace 05:27 min/KM (08:47 min/Mile), followed by some ab work and 15 laps in the pool (750 mts / 820 yrds).

Easy runs stress me a little, I always feel like I’m not making enough of an effort.  Which of course is true, but there’s a purpose to easy runs, I know. And I am capable of enjoying the easier pace.

Turtle Slow Running

After the weekend’s HIIT run and long run, an easy run was definitely what my body needed.  I mean, if that pace didn’t feel too slow on my legs (and it didn’t), it only means I needed the “rest”.  And real rest day tomorrow (or rest days, actually), well, kind of, so yey.

I’m flying to New York today.

 What a city!

What a city!

Looking forward to the plane ride, yes, 12 hours on a plane are actually somehow enjoyable for me.

Looking forward to the change of scenery, to spending a few days in one of the most amazing cities of the world.

Looking forward to some shopping.

Looking forward to great food.  I’m a simple girl, raisin bagels with loads of cream cheese are on the top of my list, some pizza, some good soups.  Lots of coffee to keep me warm and awake.

 I will see you

I will see you

I don’t think I’ll be able to run in NY, which bums me, it’s supposed to be really cold this week… maybe in the hotel treadmill if I can make the time for it.

 Maybe I will see you

Maybe I will see you







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