I was a happy girl drinking instant (Nescafe) coffee every morning, and then one day a family member bought us a coffee machine (weird we never bought one before), and now I can’t drink instant coffee even if my life depends on it.


It’s old, but makes the best coffee


Every morning, way too early when I get up to go running, the first thing I do, seriously, before even turning on the lights, is hitting the coffee machine button so it starts to brew and to warm up the milk.  I don’t go to bed the night before without first leaving everything ready for the morning.  Coffee machine, homemade granola bar, vitamins, and running gear and/or gym bag.


I had my usual 2 coffees this morning at home.  Yesterday I found a new little coffee shop in Tel Aviv and bought 3 different flavors of coffee, one of them was “chocolate beans” and it was absolutely delicious.


Li Coffee


And then went to the gym for an 8 KM / 5 Mile HIIT run (only 30 second intervals but at a very fast pace), some strength work (I used to enjoy it but lately I have little patience for it), and a spin class.


The weekend in Israel is Friday and Saturday, and we work Sunday through Thursday, so I usually get 2 longer workouts during the weekend and then 4 shorter workouts during the work week.


Later I went out for breakfast and got another 2 coffees.  4 a day is way over the limit for me so I’m not sure how well I’ll sleep tonight.

Arcaffe is a chain coffee house in Israel, however it is a step up from ‘regular’ chain coffee houses.  There is one by my house so I go often.


 Their coffee is so good!

Their coffee is so good!


Tomorrow I’m waking up at 5:15 for a 6:30 run.   As early as that may seem, work day runs are earlier than that.


These are my new slippers, the black ones with the brown button.  I used to be bad and stay with my work shoes (usually boots in the winter) until bed time but I’m trying to take better care of my feet now and get out of heels as soon as I get home.


 They are comfy and warm

They are comfy and warm






2 thoughts on “Coffee”

  1. Love the slippers! And, I’m a total coffee addict so I can relate to your post- I start my coffee every morning before I do anything else (sometimes my eyes aren’t even fully open).

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