What I Take When I Go Running, and I’m a Gear Addict

I admit I’m one of those people that if I’m uncomfortable, I just can’t function. When I go running, I have to have as little on me as possible.
Don’t get me wrong, because I am a little obsessed with running gear, and own way more than I need… I just don’t want it all on me at the same time.

Don’t you love running bottoms with zipper pockets on them? I don’t buy them without them, learned my lesson.
Because I usually don’t run straight from my house, but either drive to the boardwalk or drive closer to the gym to run around that area so I can do some strength/swimming/shower afterwards, I have to have my car keys with me. That’s when that zipper pocket comes in handy. Put the key in there, and forget about it.


 Those pockets are a life saver

Those pockets are a life saver

I don’t think I ever ran without listening to music, I bet if I did I would run so much slower.. The rhythm of the music helps me move, and keeps me entertained.. how do people run without it, I would be so bored…
But then I would never consider swimming with musi, and some people love it, to each their own, of course.

So my IPod Shuffle is always with me, I have a pink one I bought I think 3 years ago, and it still works perfectly. I thought of buying a new one but there’s no point until this one stops working, since I would get the same exact model anyway. I love how small and light it is, and the back clip that I just attach to the waist of my shorts/pants and don’t feel for the whole run (the IPod doesn’t move or fall). I wish they had a screen to display the songs I’m listening to, but I guess they can’t fit one in such a small device, and really, size is everything in this model.

IPod Shuffle

I know this sounds obvious, it is to me, but I’ve seen girls running with untied hair and I just don’t get it. I always run with a pony tail and pray that my hair tie doesn’t break.

 Simple and strong

Simple and strong

I started running with my phone to record my time and my distance (although GPS on a smart phone is not that reliable in my personal experience), eventually moved on to a regular timer watch, which was a few hundred steps backwards in terms of technology, but at least I could wear it on my wrist and didn’t have to carry it in my pocket like I had to with my phone.
The timer watch worked fine, I measured the distance of my usual routes with Google Maps so by knowing what time it took me to run the route, I could calculate my speed.
And recently I got a Garmin so now I’m back in the 21st century.

 Same thing, right?

Same thing, right?

I run early in the morning so in winter it is usually cold. Depending on the temperature, I wear gloves and/or a hat. I’d rather wear gloves than the hat because the hat sometimes makes me too hot mid run. The gloves I can usually stand until the end of the run.
If I’m running later than 08:00 AM, I take running sunglasses because the sun is strong here, even in winter.
I’ve never ran with a sun hat or visor, not even in the summer, I guess I would if I were to run closer to noon.

 I'd rather just pick one

I’d rather just pick one

I don’t take fluids and I cannot imagine myself carrying any kind of bottle or water belt. Maybe someday if I’m training for a marathon? I think I would just do routes with water fountains in them, seriously.
I also don’t take fuel on regular runs or long easy runs. The only time I take a GU gel is when I’m doing a long run with a fast finish, since I’ll be making a hard effort from the half point on, and I eat it a few minutes before I start to run faster.

Gu Gel

I get the variety pack but my favorite is Espresso Love

I like to see other people running by me with all their cool stuff (hair bands, arm sleeves, calf sleeves, water/running belts, phone arm bands), but I can’t do it.




34 thoughts on “What I Take When I Go Running, and I’m a Gear Addict”

  1. I usually don’t take much with me either. Ipod and a hat, to keep my ears warm. I don’t cope too well with gloves, they make me feel to hot. I absolutely detest water belts and I find I can easily exercise up to two hours without food or drink but only knowing there’s a big bottle of water waiting for me at the end of my run. This however makes the upcoming ultra distance race so daunting. All of a sudden I’m supposed to carry all these items and food and water and gps and loads more…. I’m slowly getting scared

    1. That’s what I was thinking just yesterday, if/when I start training for a marathon, I’ll need something for water. As of now I can manage up to 25K/15.5M with no water or food. For sure I always have water waiting for me in my car.
      I love gloves when it’s even a bit cold, a hat makes me too warm… unless it is really cold, then I deal with it.

      1. It’s a job but not my primary. I’m a student! It’s a hobby and need to run to improve/maintain fitness so I love it. Plenty of exercise and don’t need music to keep me entertained or alert on the field!
        Let me know if you are single πŸ˜‰

  2. Thanks. I’m far from experienced in cold weather running because it’s not too cold here, but to me the gloves and the hat make all the difference. I know there’s some great clothing for winter but I think it would be too warm for me.

  3. Since I run with my phone, I also always have my complete medical record with me. CareSync app is free and stores it all plus docs like DNR, insurance cards and emergency contacts. Their services team gets all your records from all your docs and transcribes the info for you for only $99.

    I remembered to add this because I BROKE my hand on a run (fall) yesterday and needed insurance, license, etc. That I otherwise wouldn’t have as I zipped to the ER.

  4. I can’t get through a long run without water. I have a small camelbak pack that I use. It has a 1.5L capacity and a small key pocket (handy for when I run out of tights with pockets!) and that’s it so it’s quite small and I don’t even really notice it now.

  5. I trained for a marathon and would still never carry water. I find people who carry water are either incredibly serious about their work out, or not serious at all.

    1. LOL! That may be a good theory.. I don’t know where I fall.. I guess I’m serious enough to train hard but not serious enough to have water bottles jumping up and down my waist. I wish I were able to carry water because it would be so incredible convenient to drink whenever I want, but it’s just so inconvenient to carry.

  6. I literally had my iPod die at mile .5 of a half marathon. I was pissed and worried I would struggle without music but it was surprisingly fine. I’m sure I would’ve been happier with it but I’m actually ok without music now and again now. Just never for a marathon though, I can’t imagine hitting that wall and having nothing to get me through.

    1. I’m glad it turned out OK for you during that race, that must have been quite stressing. Not knowing if you’ll be able to deal with it or if your running/mood would suffer.

  7. I agree…love the iPod shuffle…it’s great and small…not a gu fan i like the honey stingers and the shot bloks. I love north face running gloves and i am jealous of your shorts…mine are north face and I zip my car keys in the back pocket…do the sunglasses ever fog up for you?

  8. I typically run with music too, but during one run my headphones stopped working, so I ran 10K without music. As I run through parks and near two rivers, it was interesting to hear how many sounds I was missing. Still I was happy on the next run that I had fixed my headphones.

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