Go Push Yourself

I started the weekend with my planned 25K/15.5M long run early this morning.

Friday by Garmin

I wanted to keep an easy pace of average 05:24 Min/KM (08:41 Min/M), with the first 5K being a bit slower than average, and the last 5K being a bit faster than average.

This is me at the end of my run, back to my car, running around the parking lot to make it to 25K… seriously I couldn’t stop at 24.89..


 I never thought I'd be that person...

I never thought I’d be that person…

The weather was amazing, cold enough to keep me cool but nothing more than that.

I wore my Mizuno compression BG-5000 tights, that’s one amazing pair of tights.. they are on the pricey side but they are worth it for hard efforts, especially long runs, where the compression helps with the feeling of tired legs. The only thing I don’t like about these tights is that they don’t have a back pocket, only that little key pocket inside the front of the waist… seriously, what are running apparel people thinking when they make clothes with this pocket? Who wants to run with a key sticking into their waist?

Mizuno BG-5000

I wore my new Ironman running sunglasses because I knew the sun would be up and bothering me at some point, I started running at 6:30 AM so my finish time was to be about 8:45. I actually wore them on my head for the first half hour or so since it was still grey out, and they didn’t move or bother me in any way. So I’m really happy with this $30 pair of sunglasses, really worth it.
Ironmen Sunglasses

They might be men sunglasses… who cares

This was my 2nd run with my new black Mizuno Wave Rider 16s, it feels so nice to be running with new shoes. My first pair of Wave Rider 16s (aqua) is getting to that point where the cushioning is not as supportive as it used to be, although I still wear them often. I probably have about 500KM/310M on them… so they should last a bit longer.

The first 5K I run as planned, pretty easy. For some reason those first KMs always feel the hardest.
Then I picked up the pace, I think the next 15K/9.3M were average of 05:05 Min/KM (08:11 Min/M). Nothing crazy, but definitely faster than I intended, especially for a long run… although my hips starting feeling thight, I loved the feeling of pushing, of making an effort, of making it not easy on myself… And I know this is not always healthy and I really don’t want to get any kind of injury or pain, but sometimes I can’t help it. Last 5K were faster, I was high on running, enjoying the view and the morning air and the fact that I’m healthy and that my body can run. Average pace 04:45 Min/KM (07:38 Min/M).

 Last 7K

Last 7K

So even though running is hard, and we have to run smart, and take care of our bodies, today I say, go out and push yourself, run harder or run longer, until you feel the burn, even if for a minute, because it’s worth it.


I had a tempo run scheduled for tomorrow but I will switch to an easy run, and I will make up for today’s speedier run.

So that was my run, and I’ve been feeling happy and eating non-stop ever since. THE END.




14 thoughts on “Go Push Yourself”

  1. the only ways to stop a run is if you reach your goal. In your case 25k. If you do not have distance goal the same goes for time. If nothing of the above then it need to be a stop sign, a corner , end of the road or something signalling a stop….you just don’t stop!

    Are you happy with the Garmin?

    1. You are so right! Sometimes I don’t mind the distance but that’s only when I’m going by time, or number of loops, etc. I said I’d run 25K so “of course” I couldn’t stop before seeing that number.
      Yes, I am really happy with the Garmin, so convenient, so much info, worth every penny. I considered buying a simpler/lower priced model, and I’m so glad I didn’t.

  2. I’d be willing to pay much more for a good pair of running sunglasses that actually fit and don’t move. Luckily I found these, so I’m happy. They are Ironmen Commit I think.

  3. Heh, I am *totally* that person. Also, if you’ve found a $30 pair of sunglasses that work well for running & don’t look goofy, sign me up! I have been through so many pairs that were so much pricier than that.

  4. Exactly, I used to run with a regular timer watch and although it was much smaller I always had trouble seeing the numbers and pressing the light button when it was dark, stopped the timer by mistake by trying to push the light button many times. So the Garmin is big but that allows for easier use, so it’s worth it to me.

    1. I was surprised by the size too, although It’s not as large as the older models, but definitely larger than a regular watch. The thing is it really makes the numbers easier to see when running.

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