My Race Checklist

This is what I take with me on races, I have this list saved on my phone and use it to get ready for every race.

Like I wrote on my previous post about getting ready for a race, I know it’s not a short list, but I need every single item that’s on it.


Race Checklist

My list. Please don’t let me forget anything!

Anything else I should add?




24 thoughts on “My Race Checklist”

  1. It’s mostly warm here so I usually start with a tank top, although if it were cold I’d do a throwaway shirt, that’s a great option instead of tying it to my waist (no way).
    I don’t run with a phone… I used to and it just bugs me. I have it with me as far as I can and then go put it in my car. Thanks for the tip about the zip lock bag though, if I find myself having to run with it (because the car is just too far and I have to be in touch with family/friends) I’ll definitely do it, hadn’t thought of that, and rain/sweat/water getting it wet is a big possibility.

  2. Looks pretty good! Do you carry your phone with you? I always do, so that I can receive texts from my husband (or who ever else is watching) to let me know where to look for them. If there’s any chance of rain, make sure to put it in a zip locked, well sealed bag or some other source of protection from the water. Also, not sure what the weather will be like where you’re running, but I can’t stand being the least bit hot when I run, but I get cold very easily when I’m standing around. As long as the temps are in the 40s (farenheit) or higher, I will be running in a sports bra if it’s a marathon, so I make sure to start off with a shirt that I intend to throw off/throw away in the middle of the race when I get hot. In other words, I never wear a nice shirt that I want to keep.

    1. The “to wear during” section, GU gels and car keys go with me, everything else has to stay in the car. If I were to run one of those races where you park really far from the start of the race (like taking a bus/ferry far) then I might have to rethink things.

  3. This is a great list. When I was younger, I was the girl who would forget her lacrosse stick….going to her lacrosse game 🙂 I run a handful of races each year, so this is helpful! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I would also put something about mental preparation. There’s a lot of physical things we prefer to race with, but what we really need is our mind to be turned on.

    When I leave for a race, I double-check that I have my spikes, singlet(with the bib already attached,) and shorts. Then I forget about the rest, because the items are nice, but not extremely essential and focus on visualizing myself at different parts of the race.

    1. I agree with you. For some reason I think of a list as physical objects I need to take, but there are a few other things I have with me as well, like a race plan (for my half I even wrote my planned splits on a piece of cardboard and put it in my pocket), a special playlist on my IPod for the duration of the race), and positive mental energy.

  5. I don’t see a hat on your list. I always bring multiples of clothing – the weather can change quickly in Colorado. For example, I bring running gloves of various thickness.

    1. You are right, and I always think about taking one but I just never wear them (on regular runs either), they just bother me. I wore a warm winter hat a couple of times during early winter runs, but never a sun cap or visor.

  6. Depends on the length of the race and the weather, but there is nothing I love more than putting my feet in flip-flops after a long run, so they are definitely on my checklist 🙂

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