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Tapering 10K (C) 2 Cups 'N Run

I got up at 4:15 this morning, earlier than usual, and way before my alarm clock went off. Sometimes that happens to me, I wake up and I know there’s no way I’m going back to sleep.

About 5 minutes after getting up I was doing this, you know, for a change:



The usual please

Big cup of coffee and oatmeal muffin/bar/whatever you wanna call it.
Sorry the pic is dark, but it was dark. Don’t want any kids up at 4 o’something AM.
Lots of blogs to read while having breakfast, thanks for posting!

My next race, a 10K, is the following Friday, January 31st. So this morning was my last “real” run before I go into taper mode. A fartlek similar to last week’s, except this time I did the last interval just a bit faster.
Tomorrow is cross training day (swimming 3K/1.9M) and on Friday tapering officially starts, one full week.

I will still run, 4 times next week instead of the usual 5 times, and shorter runs than during regular training.
Overall I will reduce total distance by about a third, from 58KM/36M this week (higher than usual due to a long 25KM/15.5M run) to 38KM/23.6M next week.

Tapering scares me because I know I’m going to be in such a bad mood.

Beware of Tapering

A message to my family and friends

On the other hand, I’m kind of looking forward to a bit of a rest for my legs. Am I a bad runner for saying that?!

Homer being Homer

I could enjoy this for a few days…

OK, last picture, I have to post this because it is so true. Β So I can remember what working out hard feels like. That’s totally me by the way. I’ve had this picture on the lock screen on my phone for ages:

During Workout and After Workout

1) Pretty much dying 2) Pretty much rock-star


Any good tapering tips?




16 thoughts on “Loading… Tapering”

  1. One of the reasons I LOVE training is because I get to relax like Homer afterwards πŸ˜‰ Doesn’t make you a bad runner for saying that at all. Work Hard, Play Hard!

  2. I, um, didn’t taper at all for my 10k last weekend. In fact, I did two tough workouts just two & three days before and went to the starting line sore. So, no advice from me.

      1. Um…. Well, the next goal race I will. I am treating a bunch of races as training runs up to my big event, a marathon in May that I’m hoping to qualify for the Boston marathon. That said, I don’t really tend to taper much for distances under a half marathon. I probably should, though. When I switch to trying to improve my 10k times post-marathons, I definitely need to change my pre-race taper habits.

  3. I for one, look forward to tapering. I can eat all I want, pig out and be happy and also get to sleep a little longer. But I couldn’t do that for long tho.
    I think weekends are the worse, tapering a weekend, when you usually have long runs, feels like something was taken from you.

    1. I wish I could eat all I want. I really fear getting to race day feeling bloated and like I gained 5 pounds. Agree about the long run! I’m doing 13KM/8M instead of a long run… better than nothing.

  4. Good luck with the tapering!! Never my favorite part of training,but so necessary. I am with you – I become so cranky that I really feel badly for my friends and family. I try to get out of the house as much as possible by planning day trips or going to see a movie etc- mostly so that I don’t eat everything in sight with all that free time! I also take the opportunity to get to bed a bit earlier!

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