4 Cups ‘N Swim

I officially started tapering today, 1 week away from my next race.

This morning I woke up a bit later than usual, it is Friday and I am tapering after all, and had 2 amazing cups of chocolate flavored coffee.  Have you ever tried that?  I guess they grind the coffee beans with chocolate beans, yum.

And I went for a very light run on the treadmill, with a few intensity intervals closer to the end. Total distance was 9KM/5.6M.  About 45 minutes total running time.  The intervals were the last 15 minutes, 5 intervals of 2 minutes running hard, pace of 4:15 Min/KM (6:51 Min/Mile), and 1 minute of easy running, pace of 5:19 Min/KM (8:33 Min/Mile).

Then I went for a swim at my gym’s pool, about 20 minutes.


Briza Pool

I love this pool, main reason I’m staying at this gym

I took a shower at the gym, which is what I do almost every day, and get ready for work/life there.   I’d much rather shower at home but it takes me 3 times the time, with 2 kids running around.  At the gym it’s 15 minutes and I’m done.  Well 30 minutes including makeup and blow drying my hair.  It would take me 2 hours to do it at home, trust me, I’ve tried.

However my locker situation is not a pretty one.  I take with me way more than I could ever fit in there.


My locker, way too small for a real person

Extra Stuff I take to the gym

Bag, clothes, shoes…

I have 3 pairs of shoes in that Mickey Mouse bag, running shoes, boots for after the gym, and I took an extra pair of shoes in case I wanted to go to spin class.  I’m not ruining my Brooks Flow’s soles on the spin bike pedals.

I was out and about by 8:30 AM, not bad.  I love my car and I love driving.

Beautiful Friday

I met a friend for coffee afterwards, and had another 2 cups.  10 AM = 4 cups of coffee already.  And I didn’t even like coffee until about 3 years ago… maybe I should go back to that.

I hope the caffeine is long gone from my system by 10 PM because I have to get up early tomorrow: a “long” (by tapering standards) run of 13KM/8M.


Do you shower at the gym?


Do you love to drive?




12 thoughts on “4 Cups ‘N Swim”

  1. What brand is the chocolate coffee? Would love to try that for dessert some time.
    That pool is amazing! Puts my gym’s pool to shame! I would only shower at the gym if I used the pool (which I don’t currently, but is on my list of things to do soon!).
    I love driving when I’m on a back road, it’s a warm, sunny day,and I have my windows down and some good music on. Most of the places I drive on a daily basis are really congested, so I don’t usually enjoy it.

    1. Driving in traffic is definitely not a good thing, makes me stress out! :). The coffee is from a little coffee shop in Tel Aviv (I live in Israel), but I’m sure you can find something similar where you are. I’ve had it for breakfast too and it’s great, you feel the chocolate flavor but it’s not sweet.

  2. Thank you for the like!! I think your blog might be of help to me! You’ve definitely found a new follower :-). Happy blogging!

  3. I can leave my stuff there, but I still carry at least one bag of things everyday that I bring from home: bath towel, clothes, shoes.
    I leave there my blow-dryer, makeup, personal care stuff (that’s half the locker right there), perfume… the list may go on.

  4. When I’m at school I wait to get back to my dorms to shower, but if I go to another gym then I normally shower there. and I have the same problem that you do with space! The lockers at one gym I go to are really tall and narrow. I normally end up having to take stuff out of my backpack to make it narrow enough to fit!

    1. These lockers are tall and relatively narrow too. My backpack hardly fits in there, I have to put it on a 45 degree angle so I’m able to close the door.. real science. 🙂

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