Didn’t George Tell You We Have a Deal?

It’s Saturday but that’s no excuse for sleeping in around here… I woke up at 5:00 to go for a 13K/8M morning run.  I left the house about 6:15, to be at Yaffo Port, where I start many of my weekend runs, around 6:30.

I run around my neighborhood or at the gym on weekdays, so it’s nice to go run somewhere nice on weekends, for a change.


Yaffo Port - From the Parking Lot

Yaffo Port – I swear it’s a port, you just don’t see it in the picture

Tel Aviv Boardwalk

Tel Aviv – The Boardwalk where I run, I love this place

The plan was to run a Fast Finish 13K/8M, 6KM/3.7M easy, 7KM/4.3M mid-hard effort.  Planned splits were:

Splits 13K - I have a plan

I always have a plan…

The weather was perfect, I had a lot of energy in me, who knows where it came from, so I run a bit harder than planned, which always makes me happy in a sense, but at the same time I’m always afraid of regretting it later.

The only negative of the run was that the pigeons were everywhere and seriously always on my way, just standing there, doing nothing… aren’t they supposed to get scared and fly away when you come running their way?  Wasn’t that a deal? Guess not.


I swear this is what it felt like. Please move you guys.

So back to my run, here’s the actual data:


Splits 13K

Faster than planned.. don’t mind the 13.1, that’s KM, not miles. I did not run a half marathon today.

Look at those negative splits (well almost, what the heck KM 12???).  Makes me happy.

I got a PR on my Garmin too.  Although since it’s a new watch I guess every little effort becomes a PR at this point.

Garmin 10K

That’s my son’s hand, he was very interested in the medal I got.

Even though the time/paces for this run mean a hard effort for me, I still had energy left when I was done, it was really a great run in that sense, I wasn’t beat, actually I went to the gym for a swim afterwards.. and for a walk / bike ride with my family later.  No tired legs, nothing.   If only I had a way to race with this much energy.

That Garmin PR is not far from my 10K race PR of 46:03, and I was D-O-N-E after that race..


I always have my water bottle with me, and NUUN everywhere, my gym bag, my messenger bag for running stuff, in the car glove compartment, in my purse..


I had one after running, it really helps me get my energy back, no food, and stretched for about 5 minutes.  OK maybe it was 2 minutes.. but I will foam roll tonight, promise.

The weekend is almost over in this part of the world, but just starting in lots of other places, so have a great one!




6 thoughts on “Didn’t George Tell You We Have a Deal?”

  1. When I was a kid (maybe 5/6?) we took a vacation to Boston where I got yelled at by some old woman for chasing the pigeons. As an adult, I take every chance I have to harass the pigeons, especially when they get in my way. You could catch some dinner, mmmm squab.

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