2 Cups ‘N Run Favorite Things – Running Edition

Don’t you love it when you find a new piece of running gear that really works for you?

Maybe it’s because it’s so comfortable, maybe it helps you run better, or maybe it’s just the fact that you think it makes you look cool.

I own way more running gear than I need, and I can honestly say I’m satisfied with most of it. If I’m not, then I donate it because I know I’ll never wear it.

But still, there are definitely the favorites, those items that I always pick first.



Do you have favorites you always use or wear? Any recommendations?




21 thoughts on “2 Cups ‘N Run Favorite Things – Running Edition”

  1. I love my Spibelt for carrying my phone and keys and my Yurbuds for women which are so comfy. I tend to go for Brooks shoes, currently the Pure Flow 2 and am quite fond of Under Armour kit, especially winter base layers.

  2. I’m not the greatest person to ask this question, as I don’t have a huge budget for running gear, but I love my racing flats (Saucony Grid Type A5s). They work well for me and my particular pronation, terrain, and mileage, but I’m always willing to consider other gear. Thanks for sharing your recommendations!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I especially love Yurbuds Inspire for Women. And I am currently really digging their phone case so I can run w my phone in my hand instead of a ‘bulky’ carrier. (I’m super short so everything is bulky on me.)

  4. I have so much running kit I love, Hoka, Suunto Ambit 2, my beautiful Ultimate Directions run vest and a thousand other things! I however, don’t donate, I’ll wear stuff regardless of whether it suits – I just don’t wear it as much 🙂

      1. Very comfortable and they’ve just released version 2 which looks more durable but as with all these things you have to try them to make sure they fit you, nothing worse than uncomfy kit over 50miles 😉

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