I Know My Computer/Book/TV Show Will Wait For Me

I thought I was going to have a post on My Favorite Things for this morning, but I don’t. I hope later this evening.

So for now I’ll share this picture which I put on the wallpaper of my computer for ages (until I felt too guilty for not having a picture of my children in there) and it really motivated me, especially to leave the house at 5:30 in the morning to go for a run.




Log Off.
Shut Down.
Go Run.
(Or whatever you want to do, really)




2 thoughts on “I Know My Computer/Book/TV Show Will Wait For Me”

  1. I try doing this too. Nothing like waking up early, pre-dawn, have a cup of tea/coffee in the dark, and then go for a run. Kinda gives a feeling of a headstart you have over others who are just dozing off in their beds!

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