Non-Runners Are Clueless, And the Sticker That Made My Week

Look what I got in the mail today…!!!
And yes, this totally made my week.


My half marathon sticker!

I wonder why they don’t give these away at half marathon races. I had to send a self-addressed envelope to Marathon Israel,  and they mailed me the sticker. Not a big deal, but I wish the process to get it was simpler.

If you must know what my husband said when he saw the sticker in the back of the car…

Husband: (annoyed) “Who put that sticker in the back of our car??”
Me: “I put it”
Husband: (still annoyed) “Why do you put a sticker of a past event that took place on January 21st (21.1)?”
Me: “Don’t worry, it’s January 21st 2015”.

Too funny.




24 thoughts on “Non-Runners Are Clueless, And the Sticker That Made My Week”

  1. Haha very funny comment by your husband. I can’t wait to get my half marathon sticker! I don’t have any bumper stickers on my car but that’s one sticker that I want to have!

  2. Nice! I have my 26.2 sticker on my car! A friend of mine also thought they gave them out at marathons and kept asking for his after he finished his first – he quickly found out he had to go to a running store to buy one!

      1. I know, right? Thankfully it was right before I ran Disney’s Wine and Dine so I was able to buy another at the expo there. 🙂

  3. I don’t like stickers/magnets on the car as the paint below then won’t fade evenly with the rest of the paintwork, leaving a mark.

  4. I have a “26.2” and a “70.3” sticker on my car. I get a lot of questions from random people on the 70.3 and usually get a post ice response when I explain that it’s for a half ironman. I can’t wait to replace both of them with a 140.6 sticker in a few months 🙂

  5. Be proud! You’ve earned that sticker and the right to have it on your car! Awesome! My brother bought mine for me at the pre-race expo last week. My hubby doesn’t want it on the car either. Argh!

  6. Love it! I don’t like putting bumper stickers on my car because I know I’ll have to get a new car one day and I don’t want to lose my bumper sticker! I put them on my guitar case instead.

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