Forget Your Training Plan, and Cheers to a Chocolate Shake

I had planned to do a short and easy run the day after my half marathon rehearsal run, but that didn’t happen.

Yes, I went running, but it wasn’t as short as I had planned, or as easy. I did 10.7K/6.6M instead of the 7K/4.3M I had scheduled, and average pace was 04:55 min/KM (07:55 min/mile) instead of my planned pace of 05:27 min/KM (08:47 min/mile).

Garmin Connect 10.72

That’s what happens when you run in a beautiful place on a beautiful day.
Or when you are freaked out about a race and push yourself instead of taking it easy, like that’s going to prove something.

Tel Aviv Boardwalk

I threw in some junk miles (junk kilometers, is that a thing?) for good measure today, 7.7KM/4.8M at average pace of 05:16 min/KM (08:28 min/mile).
Actually they didn’t feel like junk to me… it was cold and I still made an effort.
I don’t think any run should be considered junk. Well, at least not anything longer than 20 minutes.

Then I went to the gym for 30 hell minutes of ab work, and 15 laps in the pool (750 meters).


Every day after a workout I make myself a shake and take it on my way to work. This is by far my favorite post workout snack.
I usually base it on frozen coffee (I make it and freeze it in disposable cups), soy milk, a banana, and whatever else is around (strawberries, apples, chia seeds, flaxseed, raw cacao, etc.).

Shake Diet

I forgot I had frozen some of the chocolate flavored coffee I got a while ago, and I made today’s shake with it and it was awesome.
I couldn’t figure out why the shake tasted so great and then about 10 minutes later I realized what it was.
I also put it in a large banana, a cup of soy milk, brown sugar, cacao, chia seeds, and lots of ice.


What is the least distance / time you run?

For me it’s usually 7KM/4.3M, once a week, for recovery after a long run.


Do you have a favorite post workout snack?




28 thoughts on “Forget Your Training Plan, and Cheers to a Chocolate Shake”

  1. I’m a green smoothie girl — Greek yogurt, green apple, banana, mango, pineapple, kiwi if I have it, sometimes a little fresh ginger, & gobs of spinach. So tasty!

    1. That sounds so healthy! I’ve tried green smoothies before and didn’t like them that much, I need to tweak my recipes and include maybe more fruit or a teaspoon of sugar/molasses/syrup. Your recipe sounds like a winner.

  2. My shortest runs are usually about 5k and that’s for either a shakeout run or when I’m a bit squeezed for time. My favourite snack after a long run is a chocolate recovery shake. I use For Goodness Shakes powder sachets as they’re easy to take to races with me and mix with water when I’m ready.

    1. I have a huge jar of chocolate protein powder and I’ve made shakes with it before, but not in a while. Individual packets sound perfect, I’ll see if they sell them around here.

  3. I tell myself that any running is better than no running, and likewise with lifting! Even on a bad day, it’s better than nothing! Although my runs aren’t quite up with yours yet. I used to always make smoothies but haven’t lately. I actually just saw my blender this morning and decided when it’s not so cold anymore, I’ll start making them again. Where are you running? It’s beautiful! I love days where I expect a horrible run or workout and then I do awesome. Some of my best days have been on days where I’ve felt like I was going to have a horrible workout.

    1. You never know how a run is going to go, right? Regardless of how you are feeling before. I live in Israel, those pictures are from the Tel Aviv boardwalk, where I run on weekends (I drive there, I live about 10 minutes away).

  4. My favorite post “long run” treat is pretty simple… a big ole fountain diet coke for the ride home. And perhaps a burger and fries for lunch. Basic, but good for me.

    1. The running was good, the shake was better. I hate cleaning the blender every day but a cold healthy delicious shake after a hard workout is too hard to pass, so I clean it.

  5. Great running!! That’s so funny, I had a similar experience today! I was supposed to run a 5 mile maintenance run at 8:00-8:15 pace, but instead ran 7:35 average pace. Sometimes it’s really hard to stick to a training plan. My favorite post workout snack is a homemade coffee frappuccino!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Your shake sounded delicious by the way!

    1. I’m about to fall asleep tired, and reading of your coffee frappuccino totally made me want one. πŸ™‚ Yes, it’s hard to stick to a pace that you are not ‘feeling’. I usually try though, not to mess up the whole week, but sometimes I’m too tired to run fast, or have too much energy and end up running faster than I was supposed to.

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