7 Reasons Why Being a Runner Sucks

I love running, and I am a ‘glass half full’ kind of person.
But you have to be delusional not to see the negative side of things, right?
Yep, I hate to break this to you, but running has its negatives.

1) We don’t care what others think anymore.

Don't give a fuck

Sure we may have spent our twenties trying to get over the trauma of our childhood / teen years when what our friends (and enemies) thought of us was the most important thing in the world.
And finally, running gave us the confidence and self-esteem to do what we believe is right for us.
However, there’s a fine line between confidence and not giving a fuck. We are late to work because we had to fit in our morning run, we wear K-Tape on our calves with a mini skirt the day of the big court appearance, we have sunglasses tan lines that we don’t even try to hide under makeup. So what.

2) We eat too much. All day.

Eat everything

No diets, no counting calories, no watching what we eat.. sounds like a dream, right?
Well it may be a dream for us runners, but it’s a nightmare for everyone around us.
For our partner/roommate, when the fridge is always empty (even the day after they went grocery shopping), or for our coworkers when all those cupcakes that big client sent just disappeared, or for our friend who got about a tenth of the appetizers we were supposed to share.

3) We don’t have time for anything or anyone.


Between running, making a training plan, analyzing our data, going to bed early to get up the next day for an early morning long run, going to bed late because we went running in the evening and then had to stretch and shower and foam roll.. oh, and working full time, or studying full time, or being a mom, or being a dad…
Well, we obviously have no time left to see our friends, talk to them, pay any attention to our significant other, go shopping, hit the like button on Facebook, feed the dog, clean the house…

4) All our money goes to running.

Spend money on running gear

At first we thought we didn’t need much, a pair of running shoes and some old t-shirt would do.
But then we had to get better running shoes (a pair or seven), a closet full of sweat wicking clothes, special running socks, pay the entry fee to races, all kind of weird nutrition items for runners, a million dollar GPS watch, compression sleeves and KT tape and Bodyglide and knee bands.
We spent most of our hard earned money on running. And we don’t even feel bad about it.

5) We are high most of the time.


I know you know runner’s high is a real thing and the real deal. We are the bomb. At least we think so.

6) And then we come down.

Runner's High After

And that ain’t pretty. We are in a bad mood, annoyed with everyone, have no patience to sit through one red light. Until we can get our fix again.

7) Our friends don’t want to hang out with us anymore.

Friends - No Friends

So we’ve found the time, and we’ve made an effort, and we are willing to go to bed after 9:00 PM tonight so we can hang out with our friends.
That’s assuming they are willing to listen, once again, to our story about running a marathon, or how our knee makes this popping noise when we run, or why drivers should always give runners preference when crossing the street, or how much money we raised running for our charity, or how running a 7:48 pace on our 10K instead of the 7:45 we wanted is just completely unfair and ridiculous and we don’t even know what happened to us.


Do any of these apply to you?




68 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why Being a Runner Sucks”

  1. I’m only a beginner but can definitely see this coming. It’s an addiction)nice to have a good one for a change)!

  2. Reblogged this on KT Lost and Found and commented:
    Ummmm yes…. I would say that every single of these things does apply. How much granola do I go through in a week (unsweetened with unflavored non sweetened yogurt… gotta mix that lean protein with those carbs right)? Not to mention that going any longer than 3hrs without eating something is torture, which makes 9hr work days really long. I need multiple lunch breaks and lets face it, bringing an entire grocery cart into work with me so I can do my work without that nasty “I’m starving” look is really awkward. Drinks after work? “uhhh yeah I have to go run right now”, or, “I have to wake up early to go run,” (My social life consists only of people that I run with. Do other friends exist? There are the people I run with now, the people I ran with in Amsterdam, the people I ran with in Denver, and the people I ran with in college). I tape myself getting ready for each day (luckily it is winter and no one at work can see it… but in summer that bright pink or blue tape stands out a little bit, and the black tape is ugly so I’m going with pink or blue.) Also, hanging out with people or trying to be in a relationship with someone who does not eat every three hours is really difficult…”what do you mean you aren’t hungry for dinner? I have been hungry since the second I finished lunch. I NEED TO EAT RIGHT NOW!” Also later, “umm honey, will you bike along with me after dinner but before bed? And will you wear a light and reflective vest so I can get my second workout of the day in and not have to wear that stupid and uncomfortable reflective vest and headlamp? Those things interfere with me running arms, and I don’t like them. But I don’t want to get hit by a car. Pretty Please honey? Will you?” (This conversation never goes well, especially after the nasty “I’m starving” outburst. Lets face it, I would try to bargain regarding the night run, but in all reality I will need to shower, stretch in the shower, use the foam roller, use the massage rolly stick thing, and then ice before bed… and once I get into bed I will fall asleep instantly and experience violent and strange muscle spasms and leg twitches as my body starts to relax. Going to bed is a long process… and this reminds me that I should ice now. I have work tomorrow).

    However, despite any complaints regarding the sport, I love running and I love every second that I am running. I love racing. I love workouts. I love running up hill. I love running downhill. I love track workouts and intervals and fartleks. I hate rest. All of the bad awkward moments are always worth it.

  3. Hahahaha. As a more-than-average runner, I can agree with almost all these points. My housemates are constantly wondering why I’m either out on a run or in my room studying all the time and never see me except to get food . . .

  4. I’ll tell you what does not apply to me. Eating…yes i can be a hoover and dont care but when milage goes my weight will follow.

    I find it easier to regulate my weight without running or with low milage.

    And yes time is not enough, my gadgets are running related and i do not care!

    1. I can see that happening, gaining weight just because we are always hungry. I feared for a while that it would happen to me (and of course it could at any time) but hasn’t yet. Or the scale is broken. 🙂

      1. Every time i run a marathon i used to weigh the most. I managed to lose 10kg on an 8month break from running. After that i was the lightest 🙂

  5. OMG it’s so true haha. Problem is I do triathlon and so there’s even more to buy and it seems constant. My food bill is ridiculous as well. You are right I don’t feel guilty though. If I was spending it on partying I would feel guilty so this is a good thing!

  6. Hey. Do you accept guest posts? I would like to write a post for your blog on why runners shouldn’t drink coffee….:-( yeah, i know. It goes against your very blog name. But I thought you might appreciate the counter-opinion. Haha. Let me know.

  7. haha! I love this post! Basically all of those apply to me, especially the eating, and spending all my time and money on running! But, I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

  8. Love this, so true. The glazing over of the eyes of non running friends when I even mention something related to running! Hardly any non running friends left as most of them are either runners now or taking up running!! I promise no torture tactics were used 😉

  9. This is really funny and really good! I can relate to #3 because I’m always thinking two steps ahead (what’s next training wise) and feeling like I never have enough time to get everything done. 🙂

      1. True. He’s my buddy, so he has to give me crap (it’s in the guy by-laws). Of course this is the same guy who was on the course at the LA Marathon cheering me on and donates to my running charity each year.

          1. He’ll support me, but I don’t think I’ll be able to get him to “drink the running Kool-Aid.” Oddly enough, I already turned a non-runner girlfriend into a runner. But now she’s a bitter ex and I bump into her at races (ugh) and she now trains at the park where I’ve been running for 5 years (double ugh). So, I guess I should be careful who I turn… ha!

  10. Love it!
    Great post!
    I was reading this and smiling, mentally checking the ones I related to.
    I’m usually late for work, when I walk in I sorta keep stretching around. Because I’m usually sore lol
    My coworker keeps bringing butter cookies, they are all for me, as in, I eat them all.
    I keep hearing at home “You are so boring, all you do is sleep and eat when you are not out with the dog.”
    At this point, I think I should have some shares in Mizuno, Asics and Adidas.

  11. Haha. Gotta love showing up to pick up my son from pre-school in sweat saturated clothes stinking. I just didn’t have time to shower. Sorry. Haha. Thanks for this.

    1. LOL, thats funny. I always schedule my runs so that I have time to shower before I go on with life, but once I had to go straight from a 10K race to a daycare holiday event… That wasn’t good, for anyone.

  12. TRUTH.

    Also, don’t forget all the $$ that goes to the latest & greatest PT / recovery toys! (Foam rollers, sticks, Lacrosse balls, Monster bands, those weird canes…..)

  13. Every. Single. One.

    Seriously, so spot on. Number 7 is the one I probably struggle with the most. Happens when you have ZERO long distance running friends. I hate feeling guilty for either not hanging out or talking about basically only running when I do, but that’s the life of a runner in training!

    1. We are who we are, right? 🙂 I try to “control” myself and not talk too much about running when I’m with people who I know don’t really care. Thanks for the reblog.

  14. Running at least has the perception of being a healthy habit. So many other diversions are clearly detrimental. Over-eating with a passive lifestyle. A drug or alcohol addiction. There are worse things.

  15. The hunger is so true! And also, not having time for other things because I’m spending so much time planning my run, thinking about my previous run, writing about it all, reading articles and making playlists! It totally changes your priorities!

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