Running Through Balloons


Running at 6:30 in the morning by the Tel Aviv Port, this is what I saw.
All around the port’s handrail.
Just beautiful.
Happy Valentine’s.


Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

What are your plans for today?




20 thoughts on “Running Through Balloons”

  1. How sweet! What a lovely view!

    The Spiritual Care department at my work (I work at a hospital) was giving out chocolate Kisses at the cafeteria. Such a nice surprise. Oh, and my husband writing “I (heart) U)” in chocolates at home. It’s the little things. And chocolate. Mainly chocolate. 😉

  2. Really great picture – looks like the type of thing to really pick up your spirits!

    My wife and I had a $0 budget … but I got her some flowers while I was out and she got me a chocolate heart … and that will be it. Our older son is cooking dinner for his girlfriend at our house … which should be fun!

  3. No celebrations here. I’ll buy myself a cupcake because more importantly it’s pig-out and stay-in Friday. 🙂 I wish I could go running outside. There’s a storm raging outside. So consider yourself lucky!

  4. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. We will be swimming after work and doing our normal Friday evening routine so we can get to bed early and get up early tomorrow morning for our normal Saturday morning workout. For those that do celebrate…enjoy your celebrations 😉

    1. Once again, similar for me. Regular friday evening (after 23K run this morning and ‘family day’ activities at my kids’ daycare/kindergarten), and will be up early tomorrow for a workout as well.

  5. Wow, I love this picture and I wish I would’ve seen some beautiful balloons when I ran this morning! What a great way to start your day! Thanks for sharing! Happy Valentine’s Day!! I plan to go to dinner with my husband and then spend some quality time with him! 🙂

  6. We don’t celebrate St. Valentine’s, everywhere it’s too packed.
    We’ll be doing what we usually do on Fridays, movies at home and a lot of chips and wine.
    Have a good weekend!

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