Another Good Weekend Run, and Should I Wear Long Tights to a Race?

The weekend is when I do my longer and harder workouts.
I just like to start the week like that (in my mind, my week in terms of training starts on the weekend).

My weekend started with a 25KM/15.5M run, so I was pretty beat after that.

Back in the day when my long run was about 13K/8M, I used to drive to the gym afterwards and do strength work.
That’s not happening anymore.

I wanted to do an easy 7KM/4.3M the next day, but same as last weekend (seriously, what a pattern), I ended up with 11KM/6.8M, not so easy pace.


It was a nice run, it was cold, and my legs just moved faster than I wanted them to.  Sounds ridiculous but it’s true.
It makes me wonder about tapering, I have such good runs on tired legs sometimes.

I went to the gym afterwards and got my strength routine done.  Then I went to spin class.


I used to love spinning and would make such a hard effort in this class.  Now I take it as a light post run workout, let’s burn some fat on 70%-80% effort, max. Running has taken over my life.

I’m considering wearing these long tights to my half marathon in 2 weeks.

Mizuno Tight

They are Mizuno compression tights and I always have good runs in them.  I think the really do something for me.

But I am concerned about getting too warm.  I always wear shorts to races, and sleeveless tops, to keep as cool as possible.
I don’t know what the weather will be like on race day, but probably about 12C/54F.. just an average of what’s been going on lately.


Do you wear long pants or long sleeve shirts to races?




41 thoughts on “Another Good Weekend Run, and Should I Wear Long Tights to a Race?”

  1. For My first half marathon, I wore shorts. I was cold at the start line but once the race got underway, I was happy with my choice. Just make sure you have warm clothes for after the race as well.

    1. Thanks, I know I should have warm clothes but my car will be far away (it’s a big race, and no parking nearby) so I’m not sure how long it will be until I get back to my car.

  2. If it’s 12C/54F on race day, I wear shorts and a short-sleeved shirt(cloudy)/tank top (sunny). Better to be cool than hot, which will slow you down. And you won’t freeze in that kind of weather.

  3. I would suggest wearing what you’re used to. I like to wear compression for long runs/races which in winter is compression tights and the rest of the year is calf sleeves. If you know you’ll get warm, probably better in shorts – I’d rather be cold before the start than boiling hot during a race!

  4. You’re a workout machine! 3 workouts in one day? Very awesome.
    For race gear, it depends on the weather. If it’s going to be above 50F, I wear short sleeves. Anything below that, and I’m a wimp.

    1. I’m a wimp too… I know I’m going to basically freeze before and after the race if I wear shorts and a sleeveless top. However, its race time that counts. Whatever happens before and after I’m not taking into consideration. Bring on the hypothermia!

  5. Good run! And great post-run! I wear capri tights if it’s below 60, shorts if it’s above. I’ve never worn full length tights. Be comfortable!

  6. Strange, I’m the same, train in long sleaves and bottoms but race days I bring out the fancy top and bare legs! Guess racing is ran at a higher intensity resulting in our bodies being warmer, hence needed to go without the base layers!

    1. Totally! Not only are we making an extra effort on a race, but also on a regular run I’d be willing to slow down a little if I have to (to cool down), that’s not happening on race day if I can help it!

  7. I would be soo hot if I wore those pants in 54 degree weather! I prefer shorts and a t-shirt during a race. If it is going to be a little colder I normally wear capris and a long sleeve shirt that I can take off when I get hot.

  8. So jealous of your running! I wish. As for the clothing issue… long leggings probably too warm. What I did for my half last year was wear capris and the I had a tank top but I added some thin cycling arm sleeves aka armlings. They kept me warm at first and then I simply rolled them down to wear them as sweat bands arond my wrist. You can get very thin lycra ones that’ll keep you warm but aren’t too stuffy.

    1. Good point! Actually I wanted to buy arm sleeves yesterday but didn’t find any that seemed good..I was looking for thin ones, nothing too thick. Also, I’m concerned they might bother me after I roll them around my wrists.

      1. Check cycling shops, they may have them. As for them bothering you… There are triathlon tops with back or side pockets (Or cycling jerseys). I usually then stuff them in there if they annoy me too much.

  9. When I ran my first marathon last October a friend of mine took a picture of me at the 4 mile mark ~ everyone around me was bundled up and I was the only one in the picture in a tank top and running skirt. I get hot and quick. I found that the running compression calve sleeves work wonders! You get the compression plus the warmth.

    1. I always race with compression socks, love them. The tights offer compression on my whole leg though, it’s great for hamstrings and thighs.
      However, being too hot is not worth it.

  10. Great post!! It depends on the weather if I wear long tights to races. If it is 54F, I wouldn’t wear tights. That is too warm for tights and me to get along 😉

    1. Thanks for the comment, I think you are right. I’ve worn them for regular runs at 6:30 in the morning, not quite the same as race day at 8:00.. (up to 9:45? could be so hot by then).

  11. Nice running! I generally wear long trousers and sleeves, but it is pretty cold in the UK and when it is hot my Scottish skin doesn’t take too kindly to the sun! I’d say the old rule of ‘don’t do anything on race day that you haven’t tried in training’ is a good one to go by though. 🙂

    1. That’s so true. Although I’ve run in those tights quite a few times, but running is not racing, and I don’t know if a half marathon is the place for any firsts.
      Even trying a new flavor of GU on race day scares me! 🙂

  12. As long as the temperature is above 35 or so degrees, I go for shorts. I’m not against tights (even though I think they typically look goofy on guys) and I even PR’d once in tights, but I still prefer running in just shorts.

      1. It was really damn cold that day. It was the Atlanta Half Marathon on Turkey Day and it was 22 degrees out with a wind chill in the teens. My feeling is always, if you can stand the cold at the start, do it in shorts.

        1. If I go by start time feeling I’d wear a jacket to every race… I don’t deal well with the cold. 🙂 22F will certainly mean tights for me, but still a sleeveless top otherwise I’d get too hot later. But it should be around 50F on race day… Actually maybe there’s a forecast already since we are 10 days away.

          1. See, I end up wearing long sleeves long before I’d wear long pants. And if it’s going to be 50F, I’d definitely say shorts because you’ll warm up. “Dress for the second mile” is the rule I always follow. I did do an earlier post, (check Jan. 31st) about dressing for cold weather.

  13. Hey! Good post and runs! No, I do not wear long pants to races (even when it’s really cold out) because I get way too hot and overheated and dislike feeling uncomfortable (especially at a race). Good luck with race prep!! 🙂

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