Bye Bye to My First

My excel file got a red cell.

Shoe KM

My first pair of real running shoes have expired, they are done.
It’s time to say goodbye to my Mizuno Wave Rider 15.

Mizuno Wave Rider 15

I got the running bug about a year ago.
This whole crazy, amazing, running thing started on my last birthday, when I decided I wanted to run a marathon someday.

Well, it wasn’t completely out of the blue, I had been running up to that point, about 15KM/9M a week, divided in two sessions. So nothing too hard core.

But then, a marathon?  (Not that it’s happening anytime soon).

This meant more running, “serious” running.  Actual training.
And I needed new shoes, made for running shoes, so I got myself the Mizunos.  And loved them.
Not only because they were so light and comfortable to run in, but because of the way they looked. Pretty badass compared to my Nike walking shoes.

I wore them for every run for the first few months, until a younger model replaced them in terms of favorites. But those Mizunos still had a place in my heart, because they were my first.  You know, I’m a girl, can’t help it.

And this past weekend, they reached their max.  800KM/500M.
So I’m putting them up for walking around or spin class.
Kind of sad.  I might go buy me some new shoes.

Wertheimer Store


Do you remember your first pair of running shoes?

Do you stop running in a pair of shoes when they reach the maximum recommended mileage?




50 thoughts on “Bye Bye to My First”

  1. I run in saucony Kinvara. I’ve been through a few pairs now and Iove them. I usually replace them after i complete a marathon along with its training. Thats about 600-700km.

    I also have a pair of salomons for trail running, a pair of new balance minimus and a vibrame five finger pair. And a couple of other pairs that are not completed their milage yet 😉

      1. The Kinvara 4’s didn’t last me as long as my Nike Free’s, but I still did better than 1000 miles. They are a good balance of lightweight, 4mm drop, but enough cushion.

      2. i actually did it for some time and saw great results. my legs got stronger and helped me to overcome some pains i had. then i switched to kinvara for my “minimal” running shoe.

  2. Love the spreadsheet! Been wanting runkeeper to add something to their app which would allow you to choose shoes for each run. Sadly the’ve never picked up on that request from users. My training plans are all excel based, so I might add on a shoe selection sheet as well :-). All my old running shoes become walking shoes, some left in my car, a pair even reside out in New Zealand at my sisters place. Cheers,

    1. Those apps should have a she tracking addition, it’s basic these days. I also have running shoes all over the house, after I’m done running with them I just lose interest. 🙂

  3. For years and years I bought my shoes on sale at the mall, never more than $50 and just what felt comfortable.

    But two years ago when I ‘got serious’ I started tracking miles and really buying things that made sense – ‘good’ running shoes. But I don’t go on ‘recommended’ miles, but rather on the ‘feel’ as so many others note. I have gotten as many as 1300+ miles on a pair of Nike Frees, wheras some others complain they can only get only get a few hundred miles.

    I just think it is in what feels right.

    My suggestion – put a new pair of shoes in your rotation, and in a couple of weeks take your ‘retired’ shoes out for a run. If they feel great, maybe it wasn’t time. But if you can feel soreness or extra pressure on joints – absolutely right.

  4. I’m incredibly impressed you track the miles on the shoes! Do you include the miles you walked or purely the running miles? I also can’t believe you only started running seriously a year ago! I thought you had been doing it for years!

    1. That’s pretty low mileage, are those the (kind of) minimalist model of NIke? I have 4 pairs of Mizuno Wave Riders (one 15 and three 16), I totally get liking a shoe and sticking to it.

  5. I don’t really put an expiry date on my running shoes, to be honest! Although when I do notice, at one point, that the support isn’t as good as it was or that I’m not as comfortable as before, I do change them. It hasn’t hurt me yet, and I guess being flexible about lifetime of a shoe is useful, since sometimes they can last you 100 miles, and other 1000!

  6. Yeah, it’s a sad day when you have to retire a pair of shoes. But that just means you get to get a new pair! (You might consider getting two pair to switch between.) Be forewarned though. As you start running more, buying new shoes can easily become an addiction.

  7. I have the green Mizuno Wave Inspire 8. I love them. I’ve had mine for a little over a year. I love that you keep track of your shoe mileage! That’s something I need to start with my next pair.

    1. Next pair of shoes I buy I’m going to look at some other Mizuno models besides the Rider. I need something light (a bit too heavy and I feel it), with enough cushion to carry me through long runs.

      1. The Wave Inspire 9 has great reviews on their website. I’m going to stick with the Inspire. The newest Wave Rider 17 has terrible reviews.

        1. I haven’t read the rider 17 reviews because I knew if they were good I’d be tempted to buy it. I’m not surprised about the bad reviews just because they seem to have changed quite a bit of things between the 16 and the 17 and that’s never a good thing for the same model of shoes. I have 3 pairs of the 16s so I’m set for a while (plus a few Brooks Pure line).

  8. I find I need to change my shoes after about 300-350 miles. If I wait longer them I really start to notice the difference in them and am more prone to niggles.
    I can remember my first pair very well, but my running style and mileage has changed and I wear a completely different model now which I love (and the fact that they’re bright pink really helps!).
    Enjoy shopping for a new pair – you’ve certainly earned it!

  9. I don’t rotate shoes although I probably should. It’s hard enough though convincing the spouse I need to spend $100+ on ONE pair. Hahahaha. My Nike running app keeps track of my shoe mileage. I tend to retire them to walking and gym use about 250-300 miles, unless I’m noticing an increase in Achilles or IT pain. Love the spreadsheet. Wish I could be that organized!

  10. wow, i don’t track my shoe usage but I also only have one pair that I wear until the treads on the bottom look worn. this is a good reminder i need to get some more shoes and rotate them more regularly. 😉 nice work

  11. Congrats!! It’s a rite of passage of sorts, I suppose. 🙂

    I do track my shoe miles, but in terms of when to throw them out, I generally go by how they feel on my feet because they vary so much in terms of how long they last. Some don’t make it past 250 & some are still going strong & feel great at 600+. Generally I wear them until they start to feel uncomfortable or sloppy-feeling.

  12. That is some serious organization for your shoes. I don’t rotate shoes (although it’s something I may start). I typically keep my shoes for about 350 miles before retiring them… I have it listed on a calendar. My current pair of New Balance 940s came into service in early December, in time for the Holiday Half Marathon and their swan song will be the LA Marathon on March 9th. After that, they will join their other retired brethren in the closet until I donate them. It is sad to bid them adieu and I always say “thank you.” Yes, I say thank you to my shoes. But I’m comfortable being weird.

    1. LOL, I know what you mean about being comfortable being weird. Learned to like it at some point.
      It’s easy to keep track of mileage if you are running with only one pair of shoes, but when I started running in more than one it just got a bit complicated, so I started to track it on an excel (really easy too).

  13. I typically run in my shoes until I start to feel niggles in my knees or hips. I don’t keep track of the miles (although I probably should), but do watch the tread on the bottoms of each shoe to keep it all in check that way. I don’t remember my first pair of running shoes…I guess that’s what happens as the years wear on 😉

    1. I don’t know if I’d be able to feel that a shoe is not giving me enough support anymore. That’s why I started keeping track, since I was already keeping track of how much I ran, it wasn’t too difficult to add shoes to the equation.

  14. Cute shoes and at least you can still wear them around the gym and such! I have always been a Mizuno girl and I do remember my first pair very well! I loved the feel of them! I do retire my shoes once they’ve reached the max mileage! 😉 Great post!

    1. When I was at the store I saw some great looking Mizunos, made my Wave Rider 15/16 look pale in comparison. But I love the Riders, they are so light and comfortable, that’s what matters.

  15. Sad days. Ha. Those definitely are purple… I run in my shoes until the soles start to show signs of wear beyond what I feel is acceptable. Usually that’s somewhere near the 800 mile mark. I currently have a pair I rotate in that are about to hit 1000 miles. I’m also seen bottom end shoes die after 250 miles.

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