Good Morning, No to Shoes, Yes to GU

Good morning or good afternoon from this side of the world.

Good Morning

Yes, that’s me first thing in the morning.
But I have my coffee, that might be why I’m smiling.

I didn’t buy new shoes yesterday, I was able to resist the temptation.

But look what I found:

Salted Caramel GU

Salted caramel GU.
I’ve read so much about this new flavor (great marketing GU, congrats on that), but wondered if I’d ever see it here in Israel.

Well, I did!  Bought me a few.

GU Etc

I can’t even believe that finding a particular GU flavor at the store is making me this happy.  I almost sat in my car right then and there and tried it, but decided against it.  It would have been a waste of sugar consumption.

Also GU chomps which I’ve been meaning to try.
You wouldn’t believe how expensive this stuff is around here…

I still have a box of 24 assorted flavors GU gels from when I was in the US last month, but you can never have too many.

That little packet on the right is an Israeli gel, they gave me a sample.  I haven’t tried it yet but I will.  I love that it’s local, what I don’t like already is that it’s smaller than a regular GU (or other brands), 60 calories instead of 100.  And the consistency seems too liquidy, which I’m not sure I will like.


Easy run this morning, 15 minutes warm up (walking and light jogging), and 35 minutes of tempo running at a relatively comfortable pace, 05:00 Min/KM (08:03 Min/Mile).

I did this on the treadmill and it got boring.  That pace would have been easier to run outside.

Plus 20 minutes of abs.
Not the most enjoyable workout but you gotta do what you gotta do.


If you use gels, what’s your favorite flavor?

Mine so far is the GU Espresso Love and GU Chocolate Outrage.  They both have caffeine in them (40mg and 20mg respectively) so that’s a bonus for me.




52 thoughts on “Good Morning, No to Shoes, Yes to GU”

  1. I’m dying to try Salted Caramel GU! Haven’t looked for it yet though. Just tried Chomps last weekend during a long run and they were really good, watermelon. I have a pack of lemon that I’m saving. I didn’t have any water immediately after but they still went down easy and dissolved quickly.

    1. I haven’t tried the salted caramel GU or chomps I bought yet. I’m tapering and have only done a 15KM/9M run, I don’t eat anything for that distance. Will try the GU on race day, I don’t go for new things on race day (so no chomps) but a new GU flavor I can manage. 🙂

  2. I’m one of those that have never tried the gels … though a couple of the stores I frequent (running and biking) carry them. I do take Edurolyte before a long ride … but have yet to do a longer run that I need something other than the FREE BEER at the end of the run 🙂

  3. I have totally gone away from Gels in favor of a powder called carbo-pro. It doesn’t have a flavor which makes it very nice in water- tastes like “ta dah….water!” but I usually add some advocare product with elecrolytes and caffeine. Its a bit more work than the prepacked gu, but I really do better with it!

  4. I’ve recently switched (well….was in the process of switching…) to AccelGels because they have a bit of protein in them, which is supposed to be good. I also like that they’re more liquidy–I have a harder time swallowing the thicker ones. I like the PowerGel green apple flavor too!

    1. I’ll look into the protein thing, I try to get my daily protein intake and especially after strength training, but haven’t heard much about consuming protein during cardio activity (running).

  5. I had the salted caramel Gu during my race last week. The majority of my gel use is PowerGels, but I occasionally mix it up with other brands.

  6. Love the Espresso Love (gotta have caffeine!) and the Peanut Butter one (since I’m addicted to peanut butter!). I’ve been wanting to try the salted caramel too…

    Recently I’ve gotten away from gels a bit and have been using Clif Shot Blox…but I’ll probably be in a gel phase again at some point!

      1. Just variety right now–I got kind of sick of the gel consistency so switched over a little while ago. Though I do think the Bloks are a little easier on the digestive system I’ve found…

  7. Happy to find an Israel-based English language blog! So, where did you get the GU. Looks like Wertheimers in Modiin from the pic? See you in TA (also running the half, but MUCH slower than you)

  8. I tried a taste of the Salted Caramel one that my husband had. Tasted pretty good. I do like the Expresso Love one though.

    I haven’t used a lot of gels but I think once I start training for a marathon I may experiment more before the race.

    Happy running and Gu-ing.

  9. Some of the GU’s are vegan and I definitely use them in long races. I haven’t tried salted caramel, but sounds awesome! And your hair is much cuter in the mornings than mine 🙂

  10. I’m not exactly a fan of gels and try to avoid them up to a half marathon when “only” running. On the bike, they cannot be avoided unless you want to bring backpacks of food. Because I don,t like them sweet or gloopy, I love me some High 5. like fruit juice, no extra water required to flush them down. Citrus is my favorite flavor, refreshing. In training without caffeine, in a race for the extra buzz with caffeine.

  11. I put salted caramel GU and peppermint GU in “sports fuel” gift baskets for my athlete nieces and nephews this year for Christmas. The caramel was much more popular than the peppermint.

  12. I used to go with the Gu gels (preferred the chocolate, vanilla and mint) but had a bad experience during the LA Marathon in ’10, so I switched to the Gu Chomps. The cranberry apple is a good flavor, although my favorites are the peach tea and orange (even though it doesn’t have caffeine).

  13. The salted caramel Gu is pretty good, but I can’t use them on my runs (any Gu, for that matter). Anything with too much sugar in it makes me nauseous. 😦 I’ve found that UCAN works for me as fuel and hydration, although that’s a pain to carry vs a Gu.

      1. Yes it is. The company says you can make a gel from it, but I don’t know how you’d carry that. I don’t like carrying bottles in races, but I’m doing a marathon and I’ll need it.

  14. I stopped using gels and chews in favor of solid food. Now, I eat dates when I run. I may have to try that salted caramel gu as a snack some time 🙂

    1. And I should try real food, have thought about it. It’s just that gels are so convenient, and since I usually take only one, I’m not finding the need to make the effort. If I were to run longer distances I’d start experimenting with real food.

    1. I haven’t tried the vanilla yet although I have a few. It sounds like something I would like though, much better than all the orange and lemon flavors which are not my thing.

      1. I love Açai, blended with bananas and granola on top….delicious!
        But that tasted nothing like açai, it smelled like it but tasted like hell.

  15. I don’t like anything sweet while I’m running, I actually puked after trying the vanilla one on a 20 miler in July heat because it tasted like cake. Cake is my favorite, but not on a run. I go for lemon-lime or that sort of thing. Coffee is ok too. And a little more liquid, the really thick ones are hard to take when I’m going fast or if it’s too warm out! Haha I sound so picky 😦

    1. It’s good there are so many options to chose from. I love sweets, even while running, and so far I like the thicker consistency. I don’t know if I’m necessarily picky, but when I like something I tend to stick to it.

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