Taper Workouts and Weekending

Yesterday I started tapering for my upcoming half marathon next Friday. Well kind of because the weekend workouts, Friday and Saturday, cannot really be considered tapering, except for today’s “long” run which was “only” 15.2KM/9.4M instead of the usual 20+ KM.  But I still have 5 days of really light workouts until the race.

Taper week workouts are:

Friday: Ran 9KM/5.6M on the treadmill, divided into tempo run and some intervals at the end. Then strength training and spinning class.

Saturday: Ran 15.2KM/9.4M outside. This was supposed to be easy pace, but wasn’t, once again. Average pace 04:41 Min/KM (07:33 Min/Mile). That’s my half marathon right there, if I can keep it up for another 5.9KM/3.7M. Not sure I can.
I went for a short swim afterwards just to get my legs into some cold pool water.

Garmin 22FEB 15K

Sunday: Rest day.

Monday: Short HIIT run, no longer than 30 minutes, including warm up. Swimming.

Tuesday: Short easy run outside, about 8KM/5M.

Wednesday: Light swimming, no running.

Thursday: Rest day.

The weekend is almost over around here, it was a nice one with perfect weather.
We went out for some coffee yesterday afternoon. Actually we went out to get a present for a kid whose birthday party we had today, but the coffee part is what counts.


Today after my run/swim, we went to the birthday party, which was a picnic at the park, really nice. Food, sun, family, friends, chocolate birthday cake.. perfect.





14 thoughts on “Taper Workouts and Weekending”

  1. Now I really want chocolate cake….and to swim. And go for another run. So clearly I’m susceptible to suggestion at the moment 🙂

    Awesome pace, by the way!

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