Having Fun at Work, and Some Running

I really wanted to go pick up my bib for Friday’s Half Marathon, but it didn’t make sense that I go myself because:

A) It would take me at least 2 hours to go into Tel Aviv and come back, completely unnecessary considering a friend could bring it to me.
B) They probably sold GU at the expo at a good price, which means I would end up buying a ridiculous amount of packets.

I got to work this morning, and immediately went to pick up the race pack from my friend’s office:

Bib and Shirt TLV Half Marathon

The shirt is nice, I like my bib number, the samples and pamphlets are few and useless, respectively.

Shirt Tel Aviv Half Marathon

I had to try on the shirt the minute I got home. I like it and it fits well, it has a nice cut. It seems really light too. However I am not wearing it to the race, I’d rather wear a tank top. They should do a tank top race shirt next time.

As you can see Iā€™m already wearing my slippers, I change into those as soon as I get home. That’s all running, taking care of my feet. I used to stay in heels all day before I started running.


Work was fun today!
I work for an airline, and we went to see a plane that had undergone some design changes.

Pilot Cabin Plane

Don’t worry, Iā€™m not flying a plane anytime soon. Now you can visit Israel.


Forget pilot cabins and turbines though, this is what most days look like:


Not as fun, uh? You got that right.


Running has been a regular taper week. Now that I’ve ran a few races I’m getting the hang of tapering. Iā€™m not even in a bad mood this time around.

Monday was a short HIIT run, half an hour, with fast pace intervals but only 30 seconds each, so I ended the run still feeling strong.
Tuesday was easy 8KM/5M outside. That was my last run until race day, so I made an effort to keep it light.
I went for a swim this morning, 30 minutes or so, I don’t really check my time when I swim. ‘Cause I already know I’m not fast, so why bother.


Have you ever gotten a race shirt that was anything but a short sleeve t-shirt?

If you work, what do you do?




40 thoughts on “Having Fun at Work, and Some Running”

  1. I run a race that gives out hoodies. They’re pretty great, not for running but just to wear. Going to put one on right now to warm up!

    1. I love sweatshirts and hoodies for being at home or easy weekend stuff. I haven’t bought a sweathsirt in quite some time but I get a couple of new hoodies every winter. Would be nice to have a race one.

  2. I actually got a race shirt that was long sleeve. It was for a February run where they also have a polar plunge – didn’t do the plunge. In case you were wondering.

  3. I like the color of that shirt … very high vis!

    I’ve only entered a couple runs so far (but signed up for many more). I have entered a lot more bike ride events. The shirts they tend to give out nowdays are the tech ones (instead of cotton tees). And it depends on the time of year … I tend to see longer sleeved ones in the winter.

    As for work, engineer here … transportation stuffs. So I get to play in traffic a lot haha.

    1. Playing in traffic sounds challenging! šŸ™‚ We don’t have much of a winter here, so I bet that’s why there aren’t giving any long sleeve shirts… although I definitely wear long sleeve ones for winter runs, so it would make sense for January/February races.

  4. Awesome plane pics — looks like fun! I work part-time as a newspaper copy editor and substitute teach once in a while. I quit working full-time back when we were homeschooling our kids and now I can’t imagine going into the office every day — it would drive me nuts and I wouldn’t have as much time to run!

  5. Nice shirt!! At most races I’ve done it’s been a short sleeve, but the long sleeve is also becoming more popular (though sometimes they end up fitting weirdly). I HATE when races make you come pick your bib up the day before when it’s within driving distance, but not so close that driving there *twice in two days* isn’t annoying. I will pay you extra to mail it to me or let me pick it up morning of!!

    1. I agree it’s annoying to have to drive, pay for parking, waste time… I think they had a mailing option but I didn’t real look into it, if I remember correctly it was disproportionally expensive. I can see how morning race pickup would be a challenge with 40.000 runners, but for a race this big they could have at least considered having advanced pickup in a few different cities.

    1. Oh that’s too bad! Did you try to exchange it for a size up? At least you could wear it to sleep. I got a shirt once that was huge, and pretty ugly too.. I think I wore it twice, once around the house and once on a winter run, tucked in, and with a long sleeve running shirt on top.

  6. I got a vest in my last race – which is cool. I too don’t like sitting all day – can be frustrating. I try and see as many clients as I can. I work as a headhunter. Im always getting up for a tea(Ealr grey) Good luck for Friday šŸ™‚

  7. The Thanksgiving Day run I do every year gives out a long-sleeved cotton shirt. I never use them for running, but they are super comfy for around the house and lazy weekend mornings around town. I’m an administrative coordinator at a University. Not a super interesting job, but I enjoy it and the students make it fun!

  8. Love all the photos, it’s good to mix up a work day from time to time. Race shirt looks really good! Not sure about the black uggy running shoes though hehe šŸ™‚ You look fantastic and I hope it’s a really race for you šŸ™‚

  9. Love the color of the shirt! Surf Ciry had long sleeve tech shirts. Other than that, I’ve always received short sleeve shirts. Tanks would be nice. Sounds like a good taper week. Fun pictures!

  10. Fun Pictures!! I have gotten long sleeved tech shirts and even a running jacket (that was really nice).
    As for career…I am an 8th grade science teacher. This week is a week of teaching all day and then parent teacher conferences from 3-7 pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as well as conferences Thursday morning. I am so thankful it is Wednesday and my LOOOOONG week is nearing its end šŸ˜‰

  11. Cool shirt. Out here some races (especially cold weather ones) do give out long sleeve tech shirts… The Atlanta Half Marathon (on Turkey Day) gives out long sleeve shirts, as did Surf City. Even the LA Marathon 2 years ago went long sleeve for a year (they’re back to short sleeve now). And the New Year’s Race here in LA didn’t give out a shirt at all, but rather a long sleeve sweatshirt hoodie. Here’s hoping you have a great race… anxious to hear your results (and pics).

    1. A sweatshirt would be awesome!! I guess everything that you have too many of becomes a bit much. I’d love some variety, a few long sleeves, a few short sleeves, some tank tops, one or two sweatshirts… šŸ™‚

  12. Hey!! Nice shirt!! My race shirts are usually a running type of t-shirt or thin long sleeve shirt! I’d love a tank top though!
    I am a children’s book author! I am author of the series Lulu, the Cocker Spaniel!! šŸ™‚ It’s a fun job!

      1. Oh, that is so awesome!! Haha- I can’t draw so we’d be a perfect match!
        I wish I could draw though because the artist that designs my books is so amazing!!! It’s a gift!!

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