I Know What Will Make You Run Faster on Your Next Race: Your Playlist!

Tape Playlist

Last month I did my first playlist post, after criticizing them (so nice of me), and I must admit I enjoyed posting it, sharing the songs that make me move, and especially the great suggestions I got in the comments, most of them made it to my running playlist.
Never in my life I had added so many new songs at once, my body was in shock!

Here’s my playlist for tomorrow’s half marathon, 15 minutes worth of warm up songs, and 1:40 worth of race time songs… I guess that means I’m optimistic about tomorrow’s race.  Better add 1 or 2 more songs just in case.

Playlist - Half Marathon Tel Aviv

Some of the songs on this playlist I already posted in my January’s post, so I’m adding YouTube links only for the new songs:

Links to YouTube:




















Song suggestions are always welcome!




14 thoughts on “I Know What Will Make You Run Faster on Your Next Race: Your Playlist!”

  1. I like that you post your whole running list. I need to start prepping my LA Marathon mix for March 9th (about 5 hours of songs) so I think I’ll be adding a few of yours (we have several songs in common). Now one group you should take a listen to (my favorite) is Fall Out Boy… they’re all over my playlists… check out “The Phoenix” and “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark.” Have a great race!

  2. Heh … and this where the generation gap comes in! I clicked on the image of the playlist, and while I recognize some of the names … I don’t know any of those songs. I know old people songs I guess 🙂

    Nevertheless … if you like them then that is all that matters. And good luck tomorrow … and I hope you have a GREAT time.

    1. Thank you for calling me young. 🙂 I appreciate the good luck wishes. Music is such an incredible thing.. as long as it makes us feel good, it doesn’t matter what year it is from.

  3. Run, Run, Run by Celeste Buckingham. My new favorite. Good luck tomorrow!!! I’m going to have to check out these songs and probably add them to my playlist. New training cycle starting.

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