Tastings of Summer, and Tweaking My Training

Do you check the weather forecast when planning your runs?
I always check it in the evening so I know which clothes to set up for my kids for the next day (at least that’s still the priority, right?), and to know how to dress for my morning run.

I woke up early today, even though it’s Saturday, to go for an easy run, and then to the gym for spin class.  I don’t particularly like doing both things in a row (I guess I’ll never be a triathlete), but the weekend is the only chance I get to go spinning, and I prefer to fit in a run as well, because during the week I never know what can happen in terms of schedule/kids/work/etc.

As I was drinking my coffee and reading on my computer, it looked windy and gray outside.  I wondered if I should wear something longer than the shorts and t-shirt I had set out, but went with it anyway.  And good I did because it was hot.

Gray sky, heavy dusty air, warm temperatures.  Desert weather I guess.

Yesterday was long run day, and I planned on an easy 10.5K/6.5M this morning.  I was good at keeping an easy pace for about half the distance, but the second half was a bit faster than I wanted.


That pace chart going up....
That pace chart going up….

I have a half marathon coming up in less than 2 weeks, and with my previous half marathon being only 8 days ago, I really should be taking it easy.

I came home and tweaked my running schedule for this week, I was going to do 2 speed sessions (1 HIIT and 1 Fartlek), now I’ll be only doing the HIIT.  It should be mostly easy peasy from now until race day.


After lunch we went to get ice cream, because that’s the thing to do around here when it’s hot.  


Wearing a tank in winter.  If I can call it that.
Wearing a tank in winter. If I can call it that.

There’s a store that has the best flavor I have ever tasted, dark chocolate with cherries and amaretto.  The name doesn’t do it for me (I think it’s the amaretto part), but my husband got it once and I can’t stop ordering it since.

Top left, that's my flavor!
Top left, that’s my flavor!

And then we got coffee at the best little coffee shop in Tel Aviv. And I got 2 new coffee mugs (on the counter) and some chocolate coffee beans for home.

Coffee Shop

I love the feeling of summer being just around the corner. Warm weather, long days, being outside. Can’t wait for it!




27 thoughts on “Tastings of Summer, and Tweaking My Training”

  1. Right now the weather here is cold, cold and cold. lol. I’ve been quite content to run on my treadmill although I do hope the Spring temperatures start to creep in soon. That ice cream looks amazing! It’s been so cold here, I certainly haven’t thought about a cold treat in a long time. ha. Good luck with your upcoming race.

  2. Spring is knocking on the door here in Georgia (USA). That’s the best time to run. Beautiful skies, new flowers springing up … great motivation for getting out into it. Good luck with your Half

  3. Summer isn’t my favorite season. Probably because I run in the afternoon and that is the hottest part of the day. It is a good feeling to look forward to the next season. Enjoy. Have a great summer of running!!!

  4. I’m definitely a weather checker. I need to know what to tell my daughter when she asks, “Shorts or pants? Long sleeves or short sleeves?” And yes, so I know what to wear for my run (and if I need to really worry about falling if there’s wind/rain dropping debris on the road). The ice cream looks fabulous!!

  5. I always check the weather the evening before a run too so I can plan my kit and maybe even my route.
    “Slightly” different weather here in Scotland today. I also had an easy run then an afternoon coffee, but mine seems so much less exotic now haha!

  6. Wow, great job on your run and my two favorite things- coffee shops and ice cream shops!! It looks like you’re having a great day! I want the chocolate/chocolate ice cream (the second one on the top left). Yummy!!

  7. I typically don’t look at the weather as much as the wind speeds and directions for my outdoor rides. That definitely determines my route…I like to have the wind at my back on my way home 😉

  8. I am craving summer (and tank tops) so bad! I usually check the weather report, but because it’s rarely above zero, I know that I’ll be on the treadmill again.

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