Going to bed at 9:00 PM is cool, and an Enjoyable Easy Run

When I switched my running and workouts to early in the morning, I figured it meant I had to go to bed earlier, take care of myself and my rest, which I did.

Posting about sleep last week made me realize, because sometimes you need to blog about something to even know it’s happening, that eventually life happened, and more often than not I found myself going to bed much later than I should.

Sometimes it was justified, a dinner out, a birthday party, the good things in life.
But many times it was just to do house chores, foam roll, watch TV, or be on the computer. Not that those things aren’t necessary, but they shouldn’t come on account of my sleep. Going to bed at 10:30 PM, as early as that seems to many, is late when you wake up at 4:30.

So I’ve made mental note again that I need to make more of an effort, and for the past week I’ve been going to sleep at 9:00 PM every night. And that’s cool. Even if it isn’t.



This morning was a very easy run, and I actually enjoyed it.
Tuesdays are always easy run (10K/6M) day. However as much as I know easy runs are necessary, I don’t like them too much.

This morning though I had a nice run, my legs were still tired from Friday’s long run, Saturday’s relatively hard run, and Monday’s HIIT, so I welcomed the easy pace and just ran for 8K/5M (yes, easy and short) enjoying the music and thinking about my day ahead. Average pace 5:22 Min/KM (8:37 Min/Mile).

Garmin Easy Run

30 minutes of abs at the gym to boot, and headed home early enough to make myself a salad for lunch, and get the kids to daycare in time.


Do you take your lunch to work or eat out?

I usually take lunch to work with me because it’s my main meal of the day and I really want to make it healthy. Salads or pasta with lots of veggies are my go to lunch.




41 thoughts on “Going to bed at 9:00 PM is cool, and an Enjoyable Easy Run”

  1. We get to bed early in our household, between 9 and 9:30, as well because we need to be at work early. We always pack our lunches the night before. I prefer knowing what I’m going to have, plus it saves a lot of money. We try to make enough for dinner so we have leftovers. If we don’t, I make a salad and grab some protein at our hospital’s caf to throw on top.

  2. Definitely take lunch work to when I can; I used to always buy but now everyday I take lunch I put $6 into my savings account as that’s the amount I would spend as a minimum on lunch at work. I really only started doing it at the beginning of this year and already saved enough money to buy a new tablet computer which I otherwise couldn’t have afforded. Next aim is to save up for a new tri bike by end of the year 🙂

    1. That’s great! Even though I take lunch with me for health/convenience reasons (not having to deal with going out or ordering in), the thought of spending money every day on lunch weighs heavy too.

  3. It’s so hard for me to get myself to bed at a decent time. In fact, I should be sleeping right now. I did start wearing an eye mask, and it really helps. But only when I have it on, which I do not at the moment.

  4. So runs in the AM are still hard for me, but an Ab routine I can handle. I’d rather run at midnight (which I’ll do in the heat of summer) than wake early. It’s dumb, I know,
    And I nearly always bring a lunch to work. I don’t get much time between meetings to get out and about!

  5. Sleep has been the missing link in my workouts for the past few months and since I started making an effort to sleep the right (or wrong) side of midnight, I can see a big difference in stamina. Well timed blog post!

    1. They say sleep is such a big factor in workout preformance. I work out early so I don’t feel as tired even if I didn’t sleep enough, however Im beat by the afternoon.

  6. Love going to bed early especially being married to a diary farmer who thinks that 5:30am is a sleep-in 🙂 I try and take my lunch to work – much healthier, more filling and it’s more economical 🙂

  7. I run in the early morning and I’m going to try to end my night owl ways and start going to bed earlier. My terrible fatigue following the daylight savings time switch has shown me the error of my ways.

  8. I am such a night owl – going to bed early is the hardest part about running for me (especially in the summer!). Working from home, I always have food available and typically make something or have leftovers. Occasionally I’ll go out, but the nearest place is a 15 min drive away, so it’s a really good deterrent!

  9. I love going to bed early! I also always pack my own lunch as I only have time to take my dog for a nice walk during lunch break. Soon we’ll run at lunch time as it is now warm enough and not yet too hot for her wait for me in the car.

  10. Ugh, I reallllly need to do this…….I get up at 5:45-6:00, not 4:30, but still, any time I get in bed before 11 is an absolute miracle, which is general is just NOT enough sleep.

  11. So you’re definition of an easy run make me sick… 🙂 That kind of distance and pace are things I’m hoping for at this point. 2 miles at about 11:30/mi is what I’m at and that’s pushing myself a bit… But good for you all the same! 😀

    1. Thank you. You are right, the definition of “easy” varies greatly among runners.
      You will get to that distance, it’s all about training and getting your body used to it, slowly.

  12. I always take my lunch. It makes it a lot easier for me to know I’m getting a healthy breakfast and lunch when those are things I’ve prepared at home. It gives me more flexibility in the evening, which is definitely when I need it.

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