A Good Morning Equals a Good Day

I live by little rules that maybe make no sense but that’s how my mind works.

For example I cannot let myself run a KM slower than the previous one (I try), or a day that starts great will keep on being a great day throughout.

I had such a good morning  today, early 11KM/6.8M run at a comfortable pace for the first 9KM/5.6M at 05:02 Min/KM (08:06 Min/Mile), then picked it up a bit for the last 2KM/1.2M to 04:26 Min/KM (07:09 Min/Mile).

I love finishing strong because it feels like the whole run was hard (in a good way), without the actual effort.  Oh I know 2KM/1.2M is not exactly the same as 11KM/6.8M… but it’s the feeling that counts.

After the run I went for a swim, 1KM/1100 yards approx.
I don’t measure time, I just enjoy swimming and the feeling of water.
Best way to cool my warm muscles.


Then I got to go out for breakfast with my husband, one of those little unexpected surprises that randomly just happen in the middle of the week, not often enough.

Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day.
My typical breakfast is a homemade granola bar, I make them at home for the week, and 2 cups of coffee.  Simple but filling and light enough to go running afterwards.

However, when having breakfast outside, there’s the typical “Israeli breakfast” special that is served in most coffee houses and restaurants in Israel, usually from early morning until noon, sometimes served all day.

It consists mainly of eggs, bread, and salad, and if I can find a good version of it (no rubbery eggs, no juice from concentrate), then I know I’m up for a tasty, fresh, healthy breakfast.

Today’s breakfast was so good, I just have to tell you about it, warm and tasty, fresh and cold, healthy and indulgent.  I had been to this restaurant many times for lunch or evening drinks, never for breakfast.


Bar Giyora Tel Aviv
Bar Giyora @Tel Aviv

They brought the salad first and I was starving so taking a picture didn’t cross my mind until half way:

There’s feta cheese and spinach inside the omelet:

Doughy warm fresh bread, with yummy extras:

Fresh pressed juice, half carrot and half orange:

And of course:

After this, I’m up for whatever the day brings.




25 thoughts on “A Good Morning Equals a Good Day”

  1. Oh my gosh, spinach and feta cheese omelet!! Yummy!! I wish I could have that for my dinner tonight!! Yum-my!!! You’re such an awesome runner, too!! Wow, you are really incredible!!
    I would really like to visit Israel. My husband has family that lives in Israel.

  2. I like that a lot- a good morning equals a good day! I always try to have good mornings. If my mornings don’t start off right, it throws my whole day off.

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