I’ll Show You Mine, Will You Show Me Yours?

Had a perfect run this morning, 10.5K/6.5M progression run.


Negative splits all the way.


I think I can say goodbye to my long sleeve running tops and put them in the back closet for a while. It’s getting warm here and I’ve been running with t-shirts for the past couple of weeks.

Now, I know no runner likes cold weather, but there’s something good to be said about it. And it’s that you get to wear closed shoes.
Summer in Israel is long and hot, and basically we wear sandals from April to November. Not good for runner’s feet.
I scrubbed them a clipped them but no good can come out of it at this point.

Here’s mine:


Yes, I’m embarrassed.
I’m sure I can cure a few foot fetish-ers out there with these babies.


Would you show me yours?

How do you deal with runner’s feet?




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