15 Things Running Has Taught Me


1) To not wipe my snotty hands on dark clothing, it shows.

2) If I want to improve at something, I have to work hard. Progress will not come if I don’t put on the effort.

3) It’s OK to take it easy sometimes. It’s even a good thing to take it easy sometimes.

4) Running is fun. Don’t think of it as something to do to lose weight or stay healthy, enjoy it.

5) To take care of my body. Not drinking, eating, or resting properly will catch up to me.

6) Cold, wind, rain, heat, aren’t as bad as I thought, because when I’m running, nothing is.

7) I may not hear my own farts/burps/talkingtomyself when I have music playing in my ears, but others will.

8) Being a numbers nerd has its advantages.

9) Quality underwear is not a luxury, it’s a must. Chafing in private areas is not recommended.

10) What others think about me really, finally, doesn’t matter.

11) Making time to do something I love, only makes me better at doing things I enjoy less.

12) Having 7 pairs of running shoes makes complete sense.

13) There are others as crazy as me out there. And crazy is a compliment.

14) 30 minutes of running are worth so much more than 30 hours of being lazy.

15) Endorphins are the best drug, and I’m happily addicted.




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