Picking Up Goodies, and 2 Upcoming Races

I’m tapering, once again, it seems lately I’m tapering more than I’m training.
Went for an easy 8.2KM/5.1M run this morning, 42:19 minutes, average pace 5:11 Min/KM (08:20 Min/Mile).
Ran a little uphill too, nothing serious but enough to challenge me. Maybe one day I’ll be good at hilly races.


Spring has officially started, and I’m on a streak of not wearing long sleeve shirts for running anymore. Almost regretted it this morning since it was 10C/50F when I left the house, but it was fine in the end. I’m not breaking a streak for a little chilly air.


Then I went to the post office to pick up a goodies package I ordered from abroad. I L-O-V-E getting stuff in the mail that I can’t buy here in Israel, even if it’s the simplest things. And there was no line at the post office, which is completely out of the ordinary, score!
FYI online shopping is not common in Israel, not many stores offer that option.


Had to try one right away, I had never had the Balance Peanut Butter flavor before, pretty good.


I have a 10K race this weekend, with one big uphill that we run by twice, so I’m not counting on a PR.
And I might be signing up for a 1500 meters race in mid-April. I just found out about this race and it’s completely out of the blue, so I’m not sure I’ll do it. Oh who am I kidding, I know I’ll do it.

I have never raced less than 10K, so I have no clue how to approach a short race.
Obviously the pace needs to be faster than 10K pace, since it’s a shorter distance.
However I am not used to running at a pace that is much faster than my 10K pace, my legs don’t know how to move that fast. If I only had some time to train a little, but basically after the upcoming 10K I will have only 2 weeks until the 1500 meters race.


Any suggestions for racing short distances?

What’s your favorite stuff to get in the mail?




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