Easy Pre-Race Day in Pictures

Taking it easy today before my 10K race tomorrow.
I almost forgot what not working out on a weekend day feels like (Friday is the first day of the weekend in Israel).
Woke up at 5:30 instead of at 4:30. Yes, crazy early anyway, but it’s amazing what an extra hour of sleep does. Add to that no physical activity, and I’ve felt refreshed and energetic all day.

Grocery shopping early to beat the crowds:


Taking the kids to kindergarten:


Baby girl birthday present shopping:


Granola and caffeine loading late morning:


Later on, in the afternoon:


Those were my snacks today, in addition to the usual granola bar breakfast, a pasta salad for lunch, 2 big cheese and mushroom toasted sandwiches for dinner, and about 4 tablespoons of peanut butter mixed with strawberry jelly. I ate way too much and I wonder if it will translate into extra energy tomorrow or just feeling full and heavy.


These need “food” too:


Getting my gear ready:


I’m exited to be racing a small race tomorrow, after 2 big races.
I will be going to bed soon, early rise for an 8:15 race start.




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