Best Middle of the Night Decision, and a Few New Favorites

For some incomprehensible reason I decided to do a double arm strength workout yesterday.
I didn’t feel sore the rest of the day, but sometime during the evening my arms felt like lead, I could hardly move them, and I started walking like a robot.
So at some point in the middle of the night I decided to turn off the alarm I had set for this morning, and to take an unplanned rest day. The best decisions are made when half asleep.

I haven’t taken an unplanned rest day in forever, and even a regular rest day had been missing from the equation. After my 10K race on Saturday, I ran an easy 8K/5M on Sunday, did a high intensity interval run (9K/5.5M) on Monday plus some swimming, and went for a 12K/7.5M hilly run on Tuesday plus the arm work. Today’s rest was welcomed.


A few new favorites from this week

I got a couple of boxes of new energy bars and they are the best! Especially the Clif white chocolate macadamia, yumm.



And speaking of snacks, my parents flew in from Uruguay a few days ago and brought me a box of these. You probably don’t know what they are so I will tell you, the most amazing cookie with a lot of dulce de leche on top, and covered in chocolate.



I went to the drugstore yesterday and found Aussie hair products, hadn’t seen them in Israel before. It always makes me happy to see here something I used to love when I lived in other countries, so of course I had to buy some.



My daughter learnt a new trick, pretending to be asleep so I don’t make her go to bed. I don’t know if that’s ridiculous or brilliant, but she got a good laugh out of me. Of course her older brother had to follow suit.



The entrance to my building is full of these flowers, and every time I come home I get this happy feeling of spring, perfect weather, nature, and wanting to be outside. Spring doesn’t last long in Israel, it gets too warm really soon, so these few weeks of nice, comfortable weather are bliss.




Do you usually take unplanned rest days?

Any brand of energy bars to recommend?


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