Do You Drive Like You Run?

We all have a running style, and I’m not referring to our heel strike or pronation.
No, I’m talking about the style that has more to do with our personality.
Are you training to be the fastest you can be? Are you going for distance? Do you mind if someone passes you? Do you try to pass them right back, even when you know you don’t stand a chance? Do you run without measuring your time or distance because it’s of no importance to you?

I definitely see some resemblances between my running and my driving.



1) I try to save time:
Both for running and driving, I’m always trying to save a couple of minutes. It’s like a big goal. Does it really matter if I run 21K in 1:40 or 1:42? I’m not even talking about a half marathon race, just a regular long run. And does it matter if I arrive to work at 8:46 or 8:48? I’m supposed to be there at 8:30, it’s already late anyway.



2) I like the feeling of speed:
When I’m running, I really like the feeling of going fast. I say feeling, because sometimes I can be running slow, up a hill, or with sore legs from a previous run. But if I’m making an effort and I feel like I’m going fast, then I’m happy. The same goes for when I’m driving, depending on where I’m driving speed feels differently, but that feeling of going fast does it for me.



3) I’m competitive:
I don’t really compete with people who run much faster than me, that’s silly. And I don’t really compete with people who are slower than me, that’s just stupid. But if I think someone is on a similar level than me, and they pass me, then it’s on. It’s on even if I was on a slow recovery run. It’s on even if I know I’ll pay for it in a few KMs. It’s on despite my better judgment.
For driving I’m more rational than that, but sometimes competitive anyway.



4) I fuck up:
I’ve fucked up in races, started much faster than I should have because there was this girl/guy/dog/tree who I just had to pass (of course she/he passed me right back on the 2nd half of the race). I’ve fucked up in training, didn’t take enough rest days, did too much speed work, got myself injured.
And I’ve fucked up when driving too, most recently yesterday, almost got my license revoked. Yes, I was going fast beyond the speed limit, even fast beyond “you-just-get-a-ticket” limit.



5) I really like it:
Despite the sweat, pain, soreness, stress, nerves, etc., I love running and I love driving, it’s “me” time, half very in the moment and aware of what I’m doing, half doing it automatically and enjoying the silence in my mind and the music in my ears.


Have you ever gotten a driving ticket?

Are you competitive with those running/driving around you?




You read what I think, now let me read what you think

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