Gray Day Run Day

It was dark and gray when I woke up this morning.
After spring comes, we are spoiled with blue skies almost every day. A gray day kind of throws me off.
But it was perfect for a run, a bit of wind to keep me cool, darker skies with no sun to bother my eyes.


I went to the boardwalk and run 11.24KM/6.98M in 53:35, average pace 04:46 Min/KM (07:40 Min/Mile).
Did the last 6.24KM/3.87M at tempo, a bit faster than my 10K pace, average 04:24 Min/KM (07:04 Min/Mile).
Splits that put my last race to shame.
I think I need to stop racing and just run.


And I think I got my first running tan line. Nerdy or cool? I say cool all the way.



Do you have running tan lines already?



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