London Marathoners: Are Your Legs as Sore as Mine?

First of all, if you ran the London marathon this morning, or any marathon, or any other race, or just went for a run.. hope it was a great one!


No, I didn’t run the London marathon, not even a race, but my legs are so sore.

I did an 8K interval run on Thursday with the last 3 intervals being 1 minute (or 250 meters) at 04:00 Min/KM (06:26 Min/Mile). That is fast for me. A long run on Friday, a tempo run on Saturday, and an easy recovery run this morning: 11.6K/7.2M with average pace 05:10 Min/KM (08:19 Min/Mile).



I try not to run more than 3 days in a row, but this weekend it happened that I ran 4.
I ran a bit less distance the previous week because of a race (I skipped the long run), and I wanted to get back to my 60KM/37M a week.
No running tomorrow for sure. Maybe some swimming, if I don’t come up with a good excuse to skip it.


Do you have a limit on how many days in a row you run?

How many KMs/Miles a week are you running?



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