Running Everyday is Not For Me, or I Need a Vacation, or Both

5 straight days of running made me realize that my body can really take a hit. I admire all of you running every day, doing streaks, or even doing double-run days.


I’m not built for that, or maybe I need to train into it gradually, although I’m satisfied with where I am running wise.

Last week was an exception, I had a couple of unscheduled rest days, and then my running sessions got all together.

Wednesday: Tempo – 11K/6.8M with last 4K/2.5M at 04:20 Min/KM (06:58 Min/Mile).

Thursday: Easy – 9KM/5.6M at average pace 05:09 Min/KM (08:17 Min/Mile).

Friday: Long – 25K/15.5M with last 8KM/5M at 04:40 Min/KM (07:31 Min/Mile).

Saturday: Easy – 9.5K/5.9M, at average pace 05:13 Min/KM (08:24 Min/Mile). I missed my morning run outside because my little boy was sick, so I managed to go to the gym in the afternoon and ran on the treadmill. Still an easy run pace wise, but it was crowded and hot, and it took a lot more effort out of me, so it didn’t feel easy.

Sunday: Tempo – 12K/7.5M with last 5K/3.1M at 04:26 Min/KM (07:07 Min/Mile).

Sunday’s tempo run was hard for me. I should have postponed it based on the fact that it was my 5th day in a row running, but my OCD self didn’t want to change my schedule. I have a 5K race this Friday so pushing a hard run to further in the week would mess my (kind of) taper.

I really don’t like to complain about my running or having a hard run, or being sore. Running is such a positive part of my life and I enjoy it so much, that I want to convey only the good things. I feel so grateful that I am still young and strong, and that I can wake up in the morning and go for a run, worry free, at least in the large scheme of things.

Keeping all the good in mind, I’ve been feeling like a I really need a vacation though, quality time with my family, doing fun things that we don’t get to do every day, and resting big time. As in lots of food, lots of sleep, and little physical activity. Heaven, right?
Our last vacation was last August, so it’s been some time, and it was a few days in Paris. We have amazing memories from that trip, but it certainly wasn’t restful. Now I dream about Thailand, or a Club Med, or a cruise, somewhere I can relax and rest.

In the meantime, a little beauty retail therapy did the trick, some new MAC makeup that I am totally loving, first time I buy their foundation and I am mad at myself I’ve waited this long! And I finally went to get my hair done, it was way too long and way too blond. Although I get a similar color than my natural color, which is dark blond / light brown, the strong Israeli sun and chlorine from the pool make my hair a million shades lighter in a matter of weeks.




When was your last vacation and where did you go? Any tough runs lately?



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