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I Have No Running Goals

So there.


Sounds like fun, actually.

No goals, just do whatever I feel like.


I’ve read so many blog posts and articles about running goals for 2014, and that’s great.  I’m sure a lot of people are going to make a lot of progress working towards them.

I want to make progress too.  The thing is, whenever I have a specific target in mind I try too hard to make it happen.  So it becomes a chore, a job, a responsibility.

I love running.

It makes me happy.

It makes me feel strong.

And healthy.

And careless.

And like I can do absolutely anything I set my mind to.

I truly love it.

So I want to keep enjoying it.

No goals. No PRs to set, no specific races or number of races to run, no magic weekly km/mile number to accomplish.

Whatever comes my way, I’ll take it.






Facts About Me


  • I’m 36 and a woman
  • I’m married with 2 children (5 and 2 years old)
  • My first language is Spanish, my second language is English, my 3rd language is Hebrew
  • I was born and grew up in Uruguay, spent some years living in the US during my teens/twenties, and moved to Israel later on
  • I love to work out, especially run
  • I wake up very early, have lots of energy in the morning, am in bed by 10 PM usually exhausted way before that time
  • Should I state the obvious: I can’t move without my morning coffees (2), but am pretty good about not drinking a lot of extra caffeine during the day
  • I work on the airline industry and have an office job, 9 to 4
  • I’m quiet and loud, shy and extroverted, nerdy but sometimes cool strikes.  I’m quite the mix I guess
  • I can’t run without music
  • I love to eat, watch TV, go out people watch.  Pretty standard
  • This blog is not going to include much about my kids, but they are the most important people/thing to me and I would do anything for them, right this second
  • I have few but close friends
  • I want to learn to ride a motorcycle
  • I want to run a marathon some day, training for a good (enough) time
  • I don’t eat chicken or beef, and my main priority when eating is “clean” (90% rule is good enough for me)
  • I have a natural tendency to over think but try not to, and just enjoy the time I have

I’m really a nice person… we all have our quirks!!

What to write on the very first post..

Running became my thing this year.

Oh, I’ve run since I was a teenager, on and off, to lose weight or keep in shape.  But this year it was different.  I didn’t need to lose any weight and I was in good enough shape.  But going out for a run gave me energy and made me happy and I wanted to improve.  So I searched online for training logs and running tips, read running blogs, started speed training and upping my mileage, and discovered that running is a great addition to my life.

This is me running my 2nd race ever, and my very first half marathon:

My first half marathon
My first half marathon

I’m 36, married, have two kids, and work full time.  Oh and I have a house full of chores that don’t get done on their own.  So I work out early in the morning when everyone is still sleeping, that’s my free time.

I don’t, can’t, leave the house without my morning coffee.  2 cups with milk and molasses for sweetening.  I am a bit of a health nut, just because I care about my body, about living my best possible life.  No diets, no chemicals, no losing weight, not trying to look better.  But taking care of myself to live a long full life, and enjoy it as I go, you bet.