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Another Good Weekend Run, and Should I Wear Long Tights to a Race?

The weekend is when I do my longer and harder workouts.
I just like to start the week like that (in my mind, my week in terms of training starts on the weekend).

My weekend started with a 25KM/15.5M run, so I was pretty beat after that.

Back in the day when my long run was about 13K/8M, I used to drive to the gym afterwards and do strength work.
That’s not happening anymore.

I wanted to do an easy 7KM/4.3M the next day, but same as last weekend (seriously, what a pattern), I ended up with 11KM/6.8M, not so easy pace.


It was a nice run, it was cold, and my legs just moved faster than I wanted them to.  Sounds ridiculous but it’s true.
It makes me wonder about tapering, I have such good runs on tired legs sometimes.

I went to the gym afterwards and got my strength routine done.  Then I went to spin class.


I used to love spinning and would make such a hard effort in this class.  Now I take it as a light post run workout, let’s burn some fat on 70%-80% effort, max. Running has taken over my life.

I’m considering wearing these long tights to my half marathon in 2 weeks.

Mizuno Tight

They are Mizuno compression tights and I always have good runs in them.  I think the really do something for me.

But I am concerned about getting too warm.  I always wear shorts to races, and sleeveless tops, to keep as cool as possible.
I don’t know what the weather will be like on race day, but probably about 12C/54F.. just an average of what’s been going on lately.


Do you wear long pants or long sleeve shirts to races?