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Back Home and a New Watch and Shoes

It’s so nice to be back home.

Uneventful plane ride back, basically I slept 8 hours out of the 10 hour flight. It’s usually not easy for me to sleep on planes, but I guess I was still tired from the flight to New York and the 2 very busy days I spent there, so although I didn’t feel exhausted, I probably was.


My main acquisitions from US soil: a Garmin Forerunner 220 (yes! yes! yes!) PURPLE! I am in love. And an IPhone 5S. I was still using the butt old IPhone 3GS, which someone suggested I donate to a museum… really, was it that bad? I didn’t mind it, actually I still really liked it.. but it was time to upgrade so I did. I do feel the differences between the 2 phones, although the only difference I actually care about is the quality of the camera, wow, nice improvement there. At least I don’t have to carry my heavy DSLR to take decent quality pictures.


 I have been waiting for you

I have been waiting for you


 I don't know why I need this but I guess I do

I don’t know why I need this but I guess I do


I also bought 4 pairs of running shoes. That’s what happens when buying shoes in Israel costs double of what it cost in the US, you basically go crazy when you can buy running shoes in the 70-100 dollar range…

I got 2 pairs of Mizuno Wave Rider 16 (red/green and black/pink), 1 Brooks Pure Cadence 2 (aqua), and 1 Brooks Pure Flow 2 (purple). This is my first pair of Flows, but I already own a pair of Wave Rider 16 (aqua) and a pair of Cadence 2 (purple).


All my other shoes (boots, sandals, etc.) are in my closet, but my running shoes are always in that little cabinet, ready to be worn!


 I know I'm crazy (but I'm not the only one), I love all those shoes...

I know I’m crazy (but I’m not the only one), I love all those shoes…


And this morning I did my first Garmin run and I am so excited. I did a route I am very familiar with (3 loops around my neighborhood), so I knew in advance what the total distance of the route was, but I absolutely loved being able to see what pace I was I running at any given time, and not having to look at the time after each loop and remember it so I could later calculate my speed on an excel spreadsheet at home (yes, I’m a runnerd).


I haven’t familiarized myself much with the watch’s functions yet as I haven’t had much time, so I can’t wait to read and learn more about all I can do with it.


Today’s run was a longish fast finish run, basically the first half of the run is easy pace and the second half is faster. Total distance 13.1 KM (8.1 miles), first 7 KM (4.3 miles) were average 5:28 min/km (8:48 min/mile), and the last 6.1 KM (3.8 miles) were average 4:36 min/km (7:24 min/mile).


I’m doing speed work on the gym treadmill tomorrow, and hoping for a long 20 KM (12.4 mile) run on Saturday on the boardwalk.



Travel: Thumbs Up, Not Working Out: Thumbs Down

After a crazy long flight experience, which included a 7 hour delay due to weather, I made it to NYC.



Waiting at the airport: F-F-F-Fuuunnnnn


Despite how crazy this may sound, I love to travel. I love airports: people watching, all the lights, all the energy. I like flying, and planes, and watching new movies I haven’t seen. Although I don’t like plane food or to sleep sitting down. There’s a down to every up, right?

Isn’t it funny how when you are a mom, a few lazy hours away from your children are so enjoyable? That sounds so bad! But we all need our alone time, even if it is with 400 other people in an enclosed space flying above the Atlantic ocean.
I hardly slept during the flight (had to take advantage of every awake minute free as a bird!), and watched 4 movies: Enough Said (very cute and entertaining), The Butler (great drama), In a World… (surprisingly good), and The Family (entertaining throughout but the end was just too stupid, which ruined the whole movie).



EL AL In Flight Magazine: Love my movies!


The big problem with travel is that it’s just so exhausting, I didn’t particularly feel it at the moment, but I was so tired after landing, and that heavy feeling didn’t go away after a good night’s sleep either. Which means I’m not up to working out. Now as much as I love running, and I am good at pushing myself and at keeping my scheduled training routine, when I am truly tired or not feeling well for any reason, I’m just not willing to suffer through it. Rather call it quits for the day and save my energy, and maybe my health, for another time.

So I didn’t work out the last couple days and this morning since I was up early I went for a quick half hour run on the hotel fitness center. Nothing too fancy but they had 3 treadmills and an elliptical so it was enough.
I did at 10 minute warm up between 6 and 7 MPH (kind of trying to figure out this MPH thing without Google Unit Converter (isn’t it an awesome tool?), and then run another 20 minutes at 7.5 MPH. That was it… and I was struggling… yes my body is still tired.



Took full advantage of that little coffee station

On another note, ate a bunch of cream cheese cinnamon raisin bagels, drank a bunch of Naked juices (yummy), about 5 coffees a day (I’m not kidding, they kept me warm), did some shopping, and pretty much froze to death.



What is that white stuff covering the floor?

Hey, anything below 5C/40F is way too cold for me.

Running to Catch a Plane

Today was an easy run, 9.7 KM / 6 Miles in 52:49, average pace 05:27 min/KM (08:47 min/Mile), followed by some ab work and 15 laps in the pool (750 mts / 820 yrds).

Easy runs stress me a little, I always feel like I’m not making enough of an effort.  Which of course is true, but there’s a purpose to easy runs, I know. And I am capable of enjoying the easier pace.

Turtle Slow Running

After the weekend’s HIIT run and long run, an easy run was definitely what my body needed.  I mean, if that pace didn’t feel too slow on my legs (and it didn’t), it only means I needed the “rest”.  And real rest day tomorrow (or rest days, actually), well, kind of, so yey.

I’m flying to New York today.

 What a city!

What a city!

Looking forward to the plane ride, yes, 12 hours on a plane are actually somehow enjoyable for me.

Looking forward to the change of scenery, to spending a few days in one of the most amazing cities of the world.

Looking forward to some shopping.

Looking forward to great food.  I’m a simple girl, raisin bagels with loads of cream cheese are on the top of my list, some pizza, some good soups.  Lots of coffee to keep me warm and awake.

 I will see you

I will see you

I don’t think I’ll be able to run in NY, which bums me, it’s supposed to be really cold this week… maybe in the hotel treadmill if I can make the time for it.

 Maybe I will see you

Maybe I will see you