Who doesn’t love running gear… be it for fashion, comfort, or performance, we all have the items we go to on a regular basis.

These are my favorites, and why I personally like them so much.

Running Shoes:

Shoes: Mizuno Wave Rider 15/16
Shoes: Brooks Pure Flow 2 / Cadence 2
Shoelaces: Nathan Lock Laces

Running Clothes:

Socks: PRO Compression Marathon / Trainer Low
Shorts (tights): Athleta Presto Short / Bermuda
Shorts: Athleta Stability Run
Tights: Mizuno BG-5000
Pants: Athleta Continuum
Sports Bra: Moving Comfort Fiona
Top, short sleeve: Nike Baseline Strappy Tank, Athleta Energy Tank, and The North Face Women’s S/S Reflex V-Neck
Top, long sleeve: Mizuno Women’s Breath Thermo Running Half Zip and Columbia Women’s I2O Fusion Running Half Zip

Running Gear:

Music: IPod Shuffle
Earphones: Yurbuds Inspire for Women
Sunglasses: Ironman Commit
Hair Ties: Scunci
Beanie: The North Face TNF Logo Beanie
Gloves: The North Face E-Tip
Watch: Garmin Forerunner 220
Roller: The Grid 2.0 Roller

Other Gear:

Water Bottle: Camelbak Podium Chill 21 OZ
Swimsuit: TYR Maxback Free Falling

Running Nutrition:

Electrolyte Tablets: NUUN
Bars: Balance and Clif
Gel: GU
Glutamine: Dymatize Nutrition
Joint health: New Chapter Zyflamend
Multivitamin: New Chapter Every Woman’s One Daily




8 thoughts on “Gear”

  1. Love my Newton Gravity shoes and homemade honeyballs (pb, honey, rolled oats and milk powder) for fuel. Gotta try those Athleta shorts. They look awesome (and I always need pockets)!

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