Brooks Pure Flow 2 / Cadence 2 Running Shoes

Brooks Pure Cadence 2
Aren’t they just gorgeous? I LOVE the look of the Brooks Pure line, I own the Flow 2 and the Cadence 2.
Yes, looks win major points in my book, but of course “pretty” is not the main reason I buy a pair of running shoes.

So here are a few other reasons I like both models so much:

* Lightweight
* 4 mm drop
* Enough cushioning
* Enough support (the Cadence offer a bit more support than the Flow)

I really feel I run faster and better in these shoes.

I don’t wear them for runs longer than 15K/9M though, just because I feel I need a bit more support after that point. However I know a lot of people who run that distance and much longer with them.




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