Mizuno Women’s Breath Thermo Running Half Zip Long Sleeve Top

Mizuno LS

This is the first winter I ran outside, so when it started getting chilly in the autumn I worried.
I didn’t have any good quality long sleeve running tops, and I knew I wouldn’t last 10 minutes in my too thin or too thick, bad quality tops.

So when I found out a relative from the US was coming to visit us in Israel I begged her to bring me a few tops I’d buy online and have sent to her house. I could buy them here but they cost so much more, wwwhhhyyy??

I ended up buying 5 long sleeve tops, and the Mizuno Women’s Breath Thermo Running Half Zip Long Sleeve Top is by far the one I wear the most. It’s thin and light enough, but offers good protection and keeps me warm, at least for the Israeli winter.

I keep wearing it for my long runs, when I want to be warm enough to start the run (it’s usually early so a bit cold too) but not too warm for when I finish 2 hours later, especially if I’m going to run harder by the end of the run.

Another few features that make it the best around: zipper neck, zipper back pocket, and thumb holes (if it’s not cold enough to wear gloves but still a bit cold, these come in handy, pun intended).




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