Moving Comfort Fiona Sports Bra

Fiona Bra by Moving Comfort? - Black
Moving Confort Fiona Bra Back

Guys, don’t read.

Girls, if you have big boobs you are going to want a lot of support in a sports bra, especially for running. And if you have small boobs (like I do) then you are going to want even more support… you know, it’s too bad you have small boobs, you don’t want them to be saggy as well.

The Moving Comfort Fiona Sports bra became my favorite overnight, it’s very supportive and very comfortable, it’s a clip on back which is nice to have instead of a regular stretchy kind, and it’s not a racer back, like all my other sport bras and 99.99% of the sport bras out there. A+ for variety and performance.




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