Nathan Lock Laces

Nathan Lock Laces

Can you imagine putting your shoes on and taking them off as if they were slippers, and never dealing with lacing them again? That’s what Lock Laces did for me.
I was skeptic at first, thinking the clip would open, or slip out, or that I would have to adjust it every time I put my running shoes on.. but NO.

I put them on my Wave Rider 15, it was some time ago, adjusted them a couple of times on those first runs just to get the feeling of how I wanted them to fit (tighter or a bit looser) and then never (ever) touched them again.
I think a couple of weeks later I went to the store again and bought a pair for every other running shoe I owned, and now when I buy new running shoes I buy a pair of Lock Laces for them, right away.

The Lock Laces lace is elastic but very strong, and the 2 clips that go on each shoe make the lace stay in place and completely locked.
Because of the elastic lace, there’s enough stretching you can do to put your shoes on or taking them out without adjusting the laces at all, at least for me. Perfect, affordable, life changing (I can be dramatic sometimes) product.




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