There are things I like to try different types of (tops, shoes, shorts) and there are the things that really, for me, as long as they do the job I’m not looking around for a different brand, there’s just no point.

Electrolytes are one of those things, I found a good product, I’m not making an effort (or even have interest) to find something else.

I tried electrolyte drinks because of swimming actually, the day I was swimming long (about 1:15 hours) I would get out of the pool and feel dizzy and weak, so I realized I had to either a) take my workout down a notch b) any other option. So I bought some NUUN to see if it could help me balance my body after a hard workout, and it did.

I like the tablet idea much more than the powder, first of all no spills, second I can stash a few tubes in my bags, car, etc., and they last a while (12 tablets in each tube).

The flavors are pretty good (I’m not talking Godiva chocolate here, or excuse me, FroYo), some better, some worse, but you know, tolerable.




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