PRO Compression Marathon / Trainer Low Socks

Marathon Black
Trainer Low
The first pair of Pro Compression Marathon socks I bought were because I had just healed from a calf tear and I wanted to run with some form of compression. I knew compression helped from wearing my Zensah calf sleeves for a while, however they had started to feel loose on me, and I wanted socks instead of sleeves, so I bought the Pro Comrpession Marathon socks and loved them from the start.

They are tight, but easy enough to put on, and the compression, which improves blood flow and offers support, definitely does its job. I know my muscles don’t get as sore when I run with them, and the few times I’ve used them for recovery they’ve also help.

Now for the foot part, they are relatively thin and light, your feet don’t get too warm, but at the same time they are strong and protect your feet really well, no blisters or chafing.

I’ve bought more marathon socks since then and also quite a few pairs of their trainer low socks for runs when I don’t need calf compression or don’t want my legs to be hot.

All my previous running socks became everyday socks because I just can’t run in anything else now.




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