Yurbuds Inspire for Women Earphones

Yurbuds Inspire

A long list of positives to Yurbuds Inspire for Women Earphones:

* I love the fact that Yurbuds has created a line specifically for women, designed to fit our smaller ears.
* The sound quality is very good.
* They have twistLock technology so they don’t fall off (and they really don’t).
* Affordable.
* Long lasting.
* The ear pieces as well as the cable are a plastic material that doesn’t absorb sweat.

One thing I would improve, I wish they had a larger plastic thingy (sorry I don’t know the name of this) on the cable so the cable would get “stuck” when put through clothes. I always put the cable of my earphones inside my clothes but it moves around and pulls at the earphone pieces, so that even though they don’t fall out, it can sometimes be annoying.




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