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Good Morning, No to Shoes, Yes to GU

Good morning or good afternoon from this side of the world.

Good Morning

Yes, that’s me first thing in the morning.
But I have my coffee, that might be why I’m smiling.

I didn’t buy new shoes yesterday, I was able to resist the temptation.

But look what I found:

Salted Caramel GU

Salted caramel GU.
I’ve read so much about this new flavor (great marketing GU, congrats on that), but wondered if I’d ever see it here in Israel.

Well, I did!  Bought me a few.

GU Etc

I can’t even believe that finding a particular GU flavor at the store is making me this happy.  I almost sat in my car right then and there and tried it, but decided against it.  It would have been a waste of sugar consumption.

Also GU chomps which I’ve been meaning to try.
You wouldn’t believe how expensive this stuff is around here…

I still have a box of 24 assorted flavors GU gels from when I was in the US last month, but you can never have too many.

That little packet on the right is an Israeli gel, they gave me a sample.  I haven’t tried it yet but I will.  I love that it’s local, what I don’t like already is that it’s smaller than a regular GU (or other brands), 60 calories instead of 100.  And the consistency seems too liquidy, which I’m not sure I will like.


Easy run this morning, 15 minutes warm up (walking and light jogging), and 35 minutes of tempo running at a relatively comfortable pace, 05:00 Min/KM (08:03 Min/Mile).

I did this on the treadmill and it got boring.  That pace would have been easier to run outside.

Plus 20 minutes of abs.
Not the most enjoyable workout but you gotta do what you gotta do.


If you use gels, what’s your favorite flavor?

Mine so far is the GU Espresso Love and GU Chocolate Outrage.  They both have caffeine in them (40mg and 20mg respectively) so that’s a bonus for me.



Forget Your Training Plan, and Cheers to a Chocolate Shake

I had planned to do a short and easy run the day after my half marathon rehearsal run, but that didn’t happen.

Yes, I went running, but it wasn’t as short as I had planned, or as easy. I did 10.7K/6.6M instead of the 7K/4.3M I had scheduled, and average pace was 04:55 min/KM (07:55 min/mile) instead of my planned pace of 05:27 min/KM (08:47 min/mile).

Garmin Connect 10.72

That’s what happens when you run in a beautiful place on a beautiful day.
Or when you are freaked out about a race and push yourself instead of taking it easy, like that’s going to prove something.

Tel Aviv Boardwalk

I threw in some junk miles (junk kilometers, is that a thing?) for good measure today, 7.7KM/4.8M at average pace of 05:16 min/KM (08:28 min/mile).
Actually they didn’t feel like junk to me… it was cold and I still made an effort.
I don’t think any run should be considered junk. Well, at least not anything longer than 20 minutes.

Then I went to the gym for 30 hell minutes of ab work, and 15 laps in the pool (750 meters).


Every day after a workout I make myself a shake and take it on my way to work. This is by far my favorite post workout snack.
I usually base it on frozen coffee (I make it and freeze it in disposable cups), soy milk, a banana, and whatever else is around (strawberries, apples, chia seeds, flaxseed, raw cacao, etc.).

Shake Diet

I forgot I had frozen some of the chocolate flavored coffee I got a while ago, and I made today’s shake with it and it was awesome.
I couldn’t figure out why the shake tasted so great and then about 10 minutes later I realized what it was.
I also put it in a large banana, a cup of soy milk, brown sugar, cacao, chia seeds, and lots of ice.


What is the least distance / time you run?

For me it’s usually 7KM/4.3M, once a week, for recovery after a long run.


Do you have a favorite post workout snack?