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Random Thoughts from the Last 10 Minutes

1) I wish I was a better cook and baker: I know I’m not great in the kitchen, but it just took me over 3 hours to make 3 simple cakes.. The kitchen counter is a mess, so let’s say it will be another hour before I’m done. How do some people host dinner parties, I’ll never know.


2) I can’t believe my son is 6 years old: My little boy is turning 6 tomorrow, how can that be? It seems not long ago we came back home with him from the hospital. Time is a weird concept.

3) Races are awesome: I thought I was done with racing until next season (October), and then a friend sends me a message today asking if I’m in for a night race on June 12th… and I said yes. Now I’m thinking of the training runs I want to do and I’m all happy inside.


4) I love reading blogs: Most nights after the kids go to sleep I sit on my computer and read blogs, the perfect way to unwind and just enjoy what I’m reading. I hardly remember when was the last time I read a book, and I don’t miss it.


5) I’d be fine with every date being a coffee date: Every time my husband or a friend asks me what I want to do when we meet, I think of talking over coffee. There’s something so perfect about that combination. But I don’t want to seem so uncool so sometimes I just say other things, like going to a bar or a movie..


6) My left arch hurts and I wonder if it’s because of my running shoes: I seem to get a bit of a soreness every time I run in my Brooks Pure Flows 2. This doesn’t happen with my Mizunos or even my Brooks Pure Cadence 2. I need to pay more attention and figure out what is causing this.


7) I need new work shirts: Seriously, since spring started, every night I get my clothes ready for the next day, I can’t find any nice short sleeve shirts I want to wear. I stand there for 5 minutes trying to figure it out, and in the end choose to wear a dress. Not that I don’t like shopping, but I can’t find the time to do it.


About running, after Tuesday’s easy 10K, I did another easy 10K on Wednesday, and a fartlek run on the treadmill today, first run with speed after last weekend’s race. 3 x 10 minute intervals at pace Min/KM: 04:50, 04:35, 04:20 (Min/Mile: 07:47, 07:22, 07:00). With warm up and easy breaks, I ran 45 minutes. It was a hard run only because it was too hot in the gym, it really made me want to be outside.


Do you run by time or distance on your runs?

I go by distance and pace outside, and by time and speed on the treadmill.

Would you rather cook a meal or bake?

I prefer baking, and I enjoy it when I do it stress free. If I’m baking with a deadline then I get stressed of messing things up.


New Gym, Some Workouts, and a Shirt I’m Not Going to Wear

A country club in Israel is what you would call, I think, an Athletic Club in other parts of the world.
Anyone can join as long as they pay a fee, and there’s a gym, a pool or pools, exercise classes, etc.
For some reason most club’s memberships start April 1st here. I guess that’s because the season to go to the pool starts with nice weather, and spring means nice weather here.

Besides joining for the purpose of working out, a lot of families with kids join a club, that gives us something to do during the long summer where you can’t really be outside and enjoy yourself at the same time, unless you have a body of water nearby.

So after being on my previous club for about 2 years, I switched clubs this week, and started on a new place that actually just opened to the public.
We are moving to a new city soon and it makes sense to join a club closer to our new home.
I like change but at the same time I like the security of something known. It’s weird to get used to a new place all of a sudden.



Yesterday was my last run before Saturday’s 10K race, half an hour on the treadmill, 12 minute warm up and then a few intervals. 3 intervals of 1 minute at 04:20 Min/KM (07:00 Min/Mile), and 8 intervals of 30 seconds at 04:08 Min/KM (06:40 Min/Mile), all intervals with 1 minute rest in between.

Today was pool day, 40 laps or 2KM/2190yards, not too strenuous, keeping my strength for Saturday. Did some ab work in the afternoon, with my baby girl joining me. You can imagine how long I was able to do actual work with her around… 15 seconds give or take.


On Sunday it’s baby girl’s birthday, it’s going to be a busy weekend. Did some shopping today but have a long list left of things to buy and do.




And I finally got my Jerusalem marathon (I ran the half marathon) shirt.. 2 weeks later because I had requested a smaller size. Got a small, still huge.


Will give it to my husband so he can pretend he ran a race.


Do you have a gym/pool membership? Do you go often?