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A Darkish Morning, and Random Pictures from Last Week’s Passover Holiday

I drove to my new, recently opened gym early this morning, but when I turned the corner to get into the parking lot, I realized the lights were out. They were having an issue with the electricity, and they had no power. The joys of a recently opened place.

Anyway, not something worth getting annoyed over, stuff happens. I’m sure it was a million times more frustrating for them than for me.

I figured I might as well skip today’s workout and take a rest day, but then I was already in my running clothes, and then I remembered we runners are so cool and easygoing, we don’t need anything to go running except our running shoes, so why not just run outside.

So I drove back home, because there’s one more thing we need, our GPS watch. I got my Garmin, and went for a nice run outside, not too easy, not too hard: 10.5KM/6.5M at 04:54 Min/KM (07:53 Min/Mile).

I had to reset my watch the other day because the elevation measure somehow got messed up and it was way off, same long route I usually do, which measures about 30-40 meters elevation gain throughout the whole run, was suddenly giving me 300 meters elevation gain.

Now it seems to be working fine, but I can’t find the feature for 1-second recording instead of smart recording (every few seconds), so I’m not getting an accurate measure at any given second, which sucks.


Last week we celebrated Passover, and we had a few days off from work/school.
We had a great time with our family, quantity and quality time, always needed!
I know I have the most amazing and perfect kids in the whole world, but when I spend a lot of time with them, I discovered new ways in which they are perfect and I didn’t even know it.

A few random pictures from last week:

Picking up flowers, it was permitted of course:


Family bike ride, or cross training. The pictures don’t do justice to how hard carrying the buggy was:


Around Tel Aviv:


Art expo:


Random lunch, eating matzah too:


Some adult time in the evening:


Retail therapy for our house, I have neglected it, my budget goes to running gear:


I am so happy they opened this store in Israel. Now there’s officially no more space in my kids’ closets:


Grocery shopping, the never ending chore. I actually enjoy this store, it’s a health market where I buy a lot of the stuff I eat:


At the beach:



What is the weirdest reason why you had to miss a workout?


London Marathoners: Are Your Legs as Sore as Mine?

First of all, if you ran the London marathon this morning, or any marathon, or any other race, or just went for a run.. hope it was a great one!


No, I didn’t run the London marathon, not even a race, but my legs are so sore.

I did an 8K interval run on Thursday with the last 3 intervals being 1 minute (or 250 meters) at 04:00 Min/KM (06:26 Min/Mile). That is fast for me. A long run on Friday, a tempo run on Saturday, and an easy recovery run this morning: 11.6K/7.2M with average pace 05:10 Min/KM (08:19 Min/Mile).



I try not to run more than 3 days in a row, but this weekend it happened that I ran 4.
I ran a bit less distance the previous week because of a race (I skipped the long run), and I wanted to get back to my 60KM/37M a week.
No running tomorrow for sure. Maybe some swimming, if I don’t come up with a good excuse to skip it.


Do you have a limit on how many days in a row you run?

How many KMs/Miles a week are you running?


Race Recap – Aviv 10K – 45:40


Official Results:
Time: 45:40
Overall Place: 102 out of 629
Women’s Place: 9 out of 171
Category (35-44) place: 1 out of 82


Race Morning:
I woke up at 5:30, about an hour before I had to leave, enough for a quiet breakfast and getting ready.

Brooks Pure Cadence 2, Pro Compression Marathon socks, Athleta Presto bermuda, Moving Confort Fiona sports bra, Athleta Double Take Tank, Ironman Commit sunglasses.


Traffic and Parking:
Because this race was on a Saturday, a quiet day in Israel traffic wise, I got to the race fairly quickly and was lucky enough to find street parking a block from the start/finish line. Great for going back to the car to leave my warm clothes before the race, and to pick up my water bottle and snacks after the race. Oh the perks of small races.

The race fell on a warm day, about 16C/61F degrees at the race start time of 8:15, too late in my opinion. It certainly felt like a late start closer to finishing, when it was a few degrees warmer.

I arrived to the race site around 07:00. 1:15 hours before race start time is a bit early, but I like to take it easy, being stressed before a race goes against my beliefs. 🙂


The race was at the city of Ramat Hasharon, and start/finish was by one of the city’s athletic facilities. Bib pickup was at the stadium gym, so I did that first, and took the chance to go pee, better at the gym restrooms than at the porta potties.


Then I met a couple of friends, chatted for a few minutes, and went back to my car to put on my running shoes (I was wearing flip flops) and to leave my long pants and jacket.
Time flies when you are having fun and by now it was 07:45, so I sat for a few minutes, and then went to do my warm up, 5 minute walk and 3KM run at a slow pace, or about 17 minutes.

Start Line:
I made it to the start line with basically 2 minutes to spare, which is what it took me to find my way to the front of the pack, about 5th or 6th row of people. I wanted to use the porta potties by the start line, but that was out of the question, no time. I had a GU although I’m not sure I needed it, and we were off right on time.

Course and Running:
The best thing about this race, especially after running 2 large races, was that it wasn’t crowded. A few people passed me and I passed a few people, sure, but at no point I had to slow down because of others. Doesn’t reading this make you run small races only?
The course went through the city of Ramat Hasharon, nothing special or remarkable, streets, houses, a post office… 🙂 Blah at most. Oh add to that a couple uphills, and let’s blame them for a minute off my PR, thank you.
Not for the first time, I started out too fast and was beat by the half point. My splits are like one of those games for kids where you give them numbers in a random order and they have to arrange them in the right order… I should give my splits to my 5 year old and see how he does.


The 2nd half of the way had a relatively big uphill around the 8th KM, and it was getting pretty warm by this time. Excuses, excuses.


Here I am at the finish line, and look at the guy next to me, doesn’t it look like it was a hard race for him too?


Post Race:
Always the best part of a race, right?
They set up a nice post race area at the track of the athletic facilities, they had vendor booths, inflatables for children, and a band playing.


Later on there was a short race for toddlers, as well as a circus performance, and the awards ceremony at the end.
My husband and kids met me post-race, first time they came to a race, well actually post-race, there was no point in them coming too early and just sitting around.
We hang out for a bit while the kids played, and then we all ran the toddler race together.
The kids got a bag of snacks and candy for running, and they ate it all while watching the circus performance and the awards ceremony.


Since I got 1st place in my age category, they got to watch me go up the podium, which was nice for me. I do hope they become runners one day.


They really have this right, everything went so smooth.
Almost no lines for bib pickup and restrooms, the course distance was marked perfectly each KM (according to my Garmin), lots of volunteers both on course and before/after, nice after race snacks (bananas, oranges, crackers, pretzels), nice after party, race started right on time… A+.


Race Bling:
Nothing-special-about-me medal, OK award (it says 1st place women on the bottom but it fails to mention the word “age category”, which is not OK). Best race shirt ever!!! Light and small and a fun color, finally!!


A bit of history about this race:
This was the 30th year anniversary of the Aviv race, which at some point in time became a race organized in memory of Gal Levinson, a 21 year old soldier who was killed during his service in the army (1994).
His parents are a big part of the race’s organization, and they also contribute to the city of Ramat Hasharon by sponsoring local young athletes, not something that is too common in Israel. To me that alone is worth running and paying for this race.



Getting Ready for Friday’s Race, and Taking Pictures of My Foot is Not Fun

This Friday I’m running a 10K race, so I’ve been getting ready for it all week. I am slightly Type A when it comes to organization. By getting ready I mean:

* Tapering – 30% off weekly running distance, and easy cross training.

* Eating healthy all week, and for the last couple of days nothing new/spicy/fibrous, not too much dairy/fat/protein/salt. Lots of carbs. No complaints there.

* Foam rolling, every night.

* Going to bed early to try to catch a few good nights’ sleep (instead of my usual 5-6 hours).

* Charging my Garmin and IPod.

* Making a playlist, easy pace songs for warm up time, medium pace songs for the 1st half of the race, and hard pace songs for the 2nd half.

* Thinking of a race plan, meaning the time I’d like to run and splits to get there.

* Decide what I’ll wear. This wasn’t an easy task.

* Check out relevant details such as weather forecast and where there’s parking available. I just got an email from the race with my bib number and GPS directions to the parking lot, nice.

* Get my bag ready to take with me on race morning: race outfit, water/snacks, body glide, etc.


Maratonya 10K Gear

All my crap… I mean, stuff.

I was going to take a rest from running for the 2 days prior to the race, Wednesday and Thursday, with my last run being yesterday morning, an easy 8K.
But it was raining when I woke up and I hate running in the rain or right after, when the sidewalk is still wet, so I went swimming instead, and postponed the run for this morning.

I ran really easy today because I want my legs to be very well rested on Friday.
Funny thing about yesterday is that about an hour after the rain, the sun was shining and the weather was warm… no jacket needed. Look at that, that’s Israel’s winter. Tough.

Israel Winter

I know many of you are dealing with very cold weather and haven’t been able to run outside.. I can imagine how much that sucks. Unless you can use it as an excuse… c’mon I’m sure it comes in handy sometimes.

You might have seen this before, from a great blog called The Oatmeal:

Log Out, unless it's cold

Love this stuff


My left foot has been bothering me for a while, first it was my ankle, after a small car accident in June 2013. Now it’s my heel, I don’t want to self-diagnose with Plantar Fasciitis but it’s looking like it.

I wear some kind of support when I run, for both my ankle and my foot, and yesterday I also tried to KT Tape it. Who knows, maybe it will help. That’s what happens when I go to bed at 8:05 PM and there’s no way I’ll fall asleep.

Trust me that taking a good (by good I mean not horrible) selfy of your foot is not as easy as it seems… I guarantee at least 10 minutes of entertainment. Doesn’t the KT Tape look nice?

Foot KT

It stuck nicely and held fine until this morning.. and I actually think it helped make my foot feel better. However it didn’t last beyond my morning shower, and I had to take it off.

How do people make it last 3 days.. way beyond my capabilities.


How do you get ready for a race? Are you a planner or a go with the flow kind of race runner?


Any tips for making KT Tape stick?



2 Cups ‘N Run Favorite Things – Running Edition

Don’t you love it when you find a new piece of running gear that really works for you?

Maybe it’s because it’s so comfortable, maybe it helps you run better, or maybe it’s just the fact that you think it makes you look cool.

I own way more running gear than I need, and I can honestly say I’m satisfied with most of it. If I’m not, then I donate it because I know I’ll never wear it.

But still, there are definitely the favorites, those items that I always pick first.



Do you have favorites you always use or wear? Any recommendations?