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8th Day of the Week for Running and Coffee Shopping

Happy Thursday!!

Thursday is the last day of the work week in Israel so it’s always a good day for me, looking forward to some weekend fun.
Today especially, since we had a holiday Tuesday and Wednesday, and my work gave us an extra day off, so no work for 5 days.

I had been meaning to go to a running store to cash a couple of prices I got at races, so I did that today. They have mostly Mizuno running gear, and a few other brands I don’t particularly like, which was no problem at all, I have been loving Mizuno running clothes lately.
I got two singlets, similar to the ones I bought a couple of weeks ago and absolutely loved. Also a sports bra, socks for my hubby, and a GU chomps because I have to try that flavor.


I had some time left so I went and bought a new coffee machine, our new one was pretty much done.


Shopping for coffee related and running related things, doesn’t get much better than that for me.
As simple as this seems, sometimes I don’t have the time for the little things, my family, work, and running take a lot of my time. I am not at all complaining, I love being busy and those things are definitely worth all my time and energy. Sometimes I just wish the week had an extra day for all the random stuff I need or want to do.

On Tuesday I did an interval run on the treadmill, my fast pace for 1 minute intervals is 4:00 Min/KM (06:26 Min/Mile). This is faster than I was doing a few months ago, so I’m glad I’m slowly making progress. Although I don’t feel like I can do them faster at this point, I did add a couple more intervals to Tuesday session, instead of 5 fast intervals, I did 7. I thought I might have trouble on the last few, but the run went really well, and I think I could have even done 1 or 2 more.
I do the intervals at the end, total it was a 50 minute run ranging in pace from 06:19 Min/KM (10:10 Min/Mile) to 4:00 Min/KM (06:26 Min/Mile).


Wednesday was a very hot day in Israel, 40C/104F by noon, so I had to go run as early as possible. I checked the weather.com app on my phone the night before, and it seemed like it would be cool until 8 AM or so, so I started my run at 5:30. I guess a lot of people were thinking the same thing, because the boardwalk had way more action than usual at that time.
14K/8.7M at an easy pace, average 05:07 Min/KM (08:14 Min/Mile).



Does it take you forever (like me) to do some things you want/need to do, that are not already part of your routine?

It can sometimes take me weeks/months to find the time to do something like color my hair or go buy clothes.



Coffee Addiction, Ice Cream, and the Coolest Bib Number I will Ever Get

I actually went to sleep after 10:00 PM last night, because I knew I wouldn’t be running this morning, or tomorrow. 2 days straight of no running or working out, brought to me by tapering.

I didn’t drink coffee for breakfast today.
No, not because I didn’t need it due to waking up 2 hours later than usual, but because I wanted to drink my new health elixir (aka green juice), which a coworker brings me to work, on an empty stomach.

I had the juice when I got to the office at 08:30, and a granola bar about half an hour later. Gave the juice some time to work its magic on me.
I wonder if it makes a difference to drink it on an empty stomach or not, but it usually doesn’t happen that I come to work without first having breakfast and going for a run, so today was a good day to try.


I’m no longer able to drink office coffee, it’s just too bad, so that’s how “no coffee” happened this morning.
I saw a really good tip on Single-Tracked Mind’s blog about withdrawing caffeine for a couple days before a race, and then drinking coffee on race morning to get an extra boost, so I thought I might give that a try for my 10K race on Saturday, since I had one morning of no coffee under my belt already.

However at noon I made an emergency call to a friend to go out for coffee, yep, I’m addicted I guess. I couldn’t stand the headache any longer, which of course went away after the first sip.

See the empty coffee cup? It took me about 30 seconds to finish it.


Coffee and ice cream loading with a good friend. It made me happy.

And then I got an email about the race I’m running on Saturday, letting me know of my bib number: 888.
OMG. Is that a cool number or what? Now I have to rock that race. The best bib number I’ll ever get just cannot go wasted.

According to a random blog on the internet, 888 is the luckiest number in Chinese numerology. I will be able to confirm or refute that piece of information on Saturday morning.



Are you physically addicted to coffee? From all the bib numbers you got, do you have a favorite?


Typical Friday

Friday is the first day of the weekend in Israel, and a great day to be out.
The morning is busy for stores and coffee houses because many people don’t work and have time to do some shopping or go get breakfast.
I enjoy the bustling atmosphere, as long as I don’t have an agenda, and can just be out having a good time, looking around, no stress.

For me, first thing in the morning was a nice, easy, can’t ask for better weather, great music in my ears, long run. 21.2K/13.2M at average pace 04:56 Min/KM (07:56 Min/Mile).
A long run on Friday mornings has become routine, and I enjoy every minute of it.


My long run route is perfect, all through the boardwalk from Yaffo to North Tel Aviv, going by the Tel Aviv Port, then by a small airport where sometimes if I’m lucky enough I see a plane land or take off right by me, just a fence between the runway and the running path. Then a bit through Hayarkon Park. And all the way back. If you are in Israel you have to run this route. It makes you want to keep running and running.

I felt really good through the whole run, my legs finally felt rested after a few harder weeks. I can’t say I had been training harder, but for some reason my legs had felt tired, maybe I didn’t take enough rest days. Today I felt back to normal and I’m looking forward to a couple of weeks of training before my next race.


I was back home by 09:00 AM, got ready, and we went out to Tel Aviv to walk around and eat.
This is also quite typical of my Friday morning, good food, shopping, and people watching in a fun, young, great city.
I bought a couple of books, looked around the market, and had an Israeli breakfast which I failed to take pictures of because I was so hungry I ate it all too fast.


Spent the afternoon at a local coffee house, 5th coffee of the day, some quality time with the kids making rainbow loom bracelets. If you don’t know what that is, trust me you are lucky.


TGIF, and have a great weekend!


What is your typical weekend activity?



Tastings of Summer, and Tweaking My Training

Do you check the weather forecast when planning your runs?
I always check it in the evening so I know which clothes to set up for my kids for the next day (at least that’s still the priority, right?), and to know how to dress for my morning run.

I woke up early today, even though it’s Saturday, to go for an easy run, and then to the gym for spin class.  I don’t particularly like doing both things in a row (I guess I’ll never be a triathlete), but the weekend is the only chance I get to go spinning, and I prefer to fit in a run as well, because during the week I never know what can happen in terms of schedule/kids/work/etc.

As I was drinking my coffee and reading on my computer, it looked windy and gray outside.  I wondered if I should wear something longer than the shorts and t-shirt I had set out, but went with it anyway.  And good I did because it was hot.

Gray sky, heavy dusty air, warm temperatures.  Desert weather I guess.

Yesterday was long run day, and I planned on an easy 10.5K/6.5M this morning.  I was good at keeping an easy pace for about half the distance, but the second half was a bit faster than I wanted.


That pace chart going up....
That pace chart going up….

I have a half marathon coming up in less than 2 weeks, and with my previous half marathon being only 8 days ago, I really should be taking it easy.

I came home and tweaked my running schedule for this week, I was going to do 2 speed sessions (1 HIIT and 1 Fartlek), now I’ll be only doing the HIIT.  It should be mostly easy peasy from now until race day.


After lunch we went to get ice cream, because that’s the thing to do around here when it’s hot.  


Wearing a tank in winter.  If I can call it that.
Wearing a tank in winter. If I can call it that.

There’s a store that has the best flavor I have ever tasted, dark chocolate with cherries and amaretto.  The name doesn’t do it for me (I think it’s the amaretto part), but my husband got it once and I can’t stop ordering it since.

Top left, that's my flavor!
Top left, that’s my flavor!

And then we got coffee at the best little coffee shop in Tel Aviv. And I got 2 new coffee mugs (on the counter) and some chocolate coffee beans for home.

Coffee Shop

I love the feeling of summer being just around the corner. Warm weather, long days, being outside. Can’t wait for it!



Good Morning, No to Shoes, Yes to GU

Good morning or good afternoon from this side of the world.

Good Morning

Yes, that’s me first thing in the morning.
But I have my coffee, that might be why I’m smiling.

I didn’t buy new shoes yesterday, I was able to resist the temptation.

But look what I found:

Salted Caramel GU

Salted caramel GU.
I’ve read so much about this new flavor (great marketing GU, congrats on that), but wondered if I’d ever see it here in Israel.

Well, I did!  Bought me a few.

GU Etc

I can’t even believe that finding a particular GU flavor at the store is making me this happy.  I almost sat in my car right then and there and tried it, but decided against it.  It would have been a waste of sugar consumption.

Also GU chomps which I’ve been meaning to try.
You wouldn’t believe how expensive this stuff is around here…

I still have a box of 24 assorted flavors GU gels from when I was in the US last month, but you can never have too many.

That little packet on the right is an Israeli gel, they gave me a sample.  I haven’t tried it yet but I will.  I love that it’s local, what I don’t like already is that it’s smaller than a regular GU (or other brands), 60 calories instead of 100.  And the consistency seems too liquidy, which I’m not sure I will like.


Easy run this morning, 15 minutes warm up (walking and light jogging), and 35 minutes of tempo running at a relatively comfortable pace, 05:00 Min/KM (08:03 Min/Mile).

I did this on the treadmill and it got boring.  That pace would have been easier to run outside.

Plus 20 minutes of abs.
Not the most enjoyable workout but you gotta do what you gotta do.


If you use gels, what’s your favorite flavor?

Mine so far is the GU Espresso Love and GU Chocolate Outrage.  They both have caffeine in them (40mg and 20mg respectively) so that’s a bonus for me.